Taxi! Take me home


He made his name as a womanising taxi driver in Coronation Street.

But after being voted out of the jungle last night, 27-year-old Chris Bisson insisted that rumours of a romance with model Catalina Guirado were wide of the mark. He even labelled her moody.

The pair were the only single contestants among the group gathered in the Australian outback for I'm A Celebrity ... Get Me Out Of Here!

Programme-makers' hopes of a jungle romance were boosted before the show began, when Miss Guirado said: "I'm a single girl with needs.

"I don't do married men and I don't do women, so that just leaves one man in the jungle - Chris Bisson."

Yet when he flirted by drenching her with a water pistol - one of Bisson's two luxury items - Miss Guirado stamped her feet and swore at him.

She later insisted she saw the actor only as "her little brother".

After his eviction last night, asked by the show's presenters Ant and Dec whether anything happened between the two, Bisson said: "No, never.

"Not at any point on the way here or in the jungle." Was she difficult to deal with?

"Her moods do swing from time to time," he said.

"When I got her with the super-soaker you had to cut the swear words." On leaving the camp, Bisson - who also starred in the hit film East Is East - was greeted by a hug from his waiting mother and a glass of champagne.

The remaining members of the group called him a "lovely guy" and praised him for being a good listener and "very helpful".

Bisson said he thinks cricketer Phil Tufnell is the most likely winner, but also believes Toyah Willcox has a good chance.

TV viewers were told that, after Bisson, chef Antony Worrall Thompson had the next fewest votes in favour of him staying.

Earlier, a weeping Catalina had tried to win sympathy by begging to be voted off the programme - then later pleading to be kept in.

At first she told viewers: "I hate it in here. You may miss me flashing around in a bikini but that's about it. So please vote me out.

"I hate everything and everyone is boring . . . I'm the odd one out.

"I'm sitting around a middle-aged camp right now talking about football and no one in England likes me."

But a short time later Miss Guirado returned to the camera to plead: "Please vote for me because I love it here!"

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