Family plea for missing Daniel

The mother of a missing seven-year-old boy who has not been seen for five days is going through hell, her family said today.

Three of Daniel Entwistle's relatives made an emotional plea for information to ensure the safe return of the youngster at a press conference in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk.

Daniel's father David Entwistle, 41, said of his wife Paula, 30: "I have just got to be strong for Paula because she's not well at the moment and she's going through hell and I have got to be strong for her.

"It is unbelievable what's going on, it's heart-wrenching, nobody knows what's going on."

Mr Entwistle added: "It's just the possibility he's still out there and still alive that's keeping us going.

"He's so special, it's unbelievable, he's my little boy."

Mr Entwistle made a direct plea to anyone who may have his son.

He said: "If somebody is actually holding Daniel just send him back, if you want to take him to a local police station in the country please by any means do that, just take him there and leave him there."

Daniel 'couldn't swim'

A bicycle believed to belong to the seven-year-old was found shortly after his disappearance on Saturday afternoon by a quayside wall next to a fast-flowing deep river.

Mr Entwistle said his son could not swim and did

not like water.

He said: "If he's gone into water, it's a complete tragedy, he could not swim at all."

He praised the help from his local community and said the family had received cards and letters of support from the public.

Mr Entwistle said his son was not the type to run away. He said his son suffered from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder but he would not have gone off with a stranger voluntarily.

Grandfather makes appeal

Daniel's stepgrandfather Keith Dutton, 44, the stepfather of his mother Paula, made a direct appeal to visitors to the seaside resort over the Bank Holiday weekend and through the week who may have photographs of camcorder images which could contain photos of the boy.

He said: "Could you please look through them and compare your pictures to the picture of Daniel.

"It could be possible you have caught his image in the background on one of your photos."

As a grandfather he appealed to other grandparents who may have taken their grandchildren out to a local park or play area to try and recall if they saw anyone else with a camcorder at the time.

He said: "I'm Daniel's granddad, I'm also Paula's dad and basically I'm seeing her go through hell."

He added: "My hope is at this moment, I honestly believe he is with someone who's looking after him.

"Daniel being Daniel, if he's kept interested and he's allowed to develop trust over a period of time it's feasible to think that he would take whatever that is being said is true.

"My message to the adults is if you are doing anything like this it could quite possibly be through a tragedy you have suffered yourself, we know what you are going through, by Christ we know what you are going through."

He said he would show no animosity to the person once they handed the boy over.

Sympathies from other parents

Mr Dutton, who has taken part in searches for the boy, said Sara Payne, the mother of murdered schoolgirl Sarah had offered her sympathies to the Entwistle family during a TV interview.

He said the father of missing teenager, Laura Torn, from Lincolnshire had also offered his support in a newspaper interview.

Barbara Donnelly, 42, Mr Entwistle's sister said: "Basically Paula's not handling it very well at all, she keeps breaking down in tears which is only natural.

"It's the not knowing, we just want to know one way or the other and bring this to an end for Paula and David's sake.

"All mothers will understand what she's going through."

She said her sister-in-law realises she will soon have to start facing up to some harsh and cruel realities about what could have happened to her son.

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