Isle of Man may legalise euthanasia

The Isle of Man is on the verge of legalising voluntary euthanasia.

Members of the Manx parliament, the House of Keys, have voted to allow discussion of a Bill which would permit doctors to give overdoses to terminally ill patients.

A working group will now examine the merits of assisted suicide. If the law is passed, it could be introduced as early as next year.

However, 'euthanasia tourists' will be barred because any relaxation of the law will apply only to the island's 76,000 residents.

"The legislation will be for people who are at the closing stages of life - not for people who can travel around for it," said the Bill's promoter, MP John Rimmington.

MP John Rimington and fellow MP Quintin Gill have introduced the bill on behalf of a campaigner for voluntary euthanasia.

Patrick Kneen, 74, has cancer and wants to be allowed to legally end his life.

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