Special forces raid home of 'Dr Germ'

American special forces have raided the Baghdad home of the female microbiologist nicknamed Dr Germ who ran Iraq's secret biological laboratory.

The commandos, backed by about 40 US marines with heavy calibre machine guns, carried several boxes of documents out of Rihab Taha's house.

Taha, the wife of a former Iraqi oil minister, ran a lab that produced weaponised anthrax. Three men were led out of her home with their hands in the air, but she was nowhere to be seen.

Meanwhile, another marine unit discovered an abandoned terrorist training camp near the capital where recruits were taught how to make bombs.

Cpl John Hoellwarth said the camp was made up of about 20 permanent buildings and had been run jointly by the Saddam Hussein's regime and the Palestine Liberation Front.

Documents found included forms with questions like "What type of missions would you like to carry out?" he said. Many recruits replied that they wanted to carry out suicide missions.

The camp included an obstacle course and what appeared to be a prison used to teach recruits what to do if captured and interrogated, Hoellwarth said. Recruits were also apparently taught how to make bombs, and he said the marines had found chemicals, beakers and pipes.

Despite the start of joint US-Iraqi police patrols, throngs of looters ransacked food from a major Baghdad warehouse complex.

At the Baghdad International Fairgrounds, hundreds of people helped themselves to sacks of sugar, tea and flour stored in warehouses before the war. Booty was piled into a red double-decker bus, or stuffed into cars which soon became trapped in a traffic jam.

A US armoured car was less than a mile away, but the soldiers did not intervene.

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