My son's no junkie, says Princess

Princess Michael of Kent said her son Lord Frederick Windsor was "no junkie", as she described how he gave in to cocaine after being teased about his anti-drugs stance.

Lord Freddie, 24, was spotted snorting the drug at a party in 1999 having succumbed to pressure from his peers, but he was now his own person, his mother said.

"He's down as a drug user but he's not. You just have to watch him in action. Freddie isn't a junkie. He's tough," she told Hello! magazine,

The Princess added that her Oxford-educated son had previously bored his friends with his anti-drugs stance during his first year at university.

"But because he hadn't tried drugs he was teased for not knowing what he was talking about," she said. "Finally he gave in and agreed to try it."

Lord Freddie and his younger sister Lady Gabriella Windsor were taken by their mother to a drug rehabilitation centre as teenagers, so they could see the problems caused by addiction.

Both children were sick after leaving, having been left shocked by the aged state of a 17-year-old addict they met, the Princess said.

The Princess and her husband Prince Michael, the Queen's cousin, have attracted controversy for living rent-free in one of the Queen's Kensington Palace apartments.

The Princess insisted they did not live off the taxpayer and that they worked very hard. The agreement is due to end in seven years.

Prince Michael said it would be "wrench" to leave their home, while the Princess said she had thought they would spend the rest of their lives there.

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