Gae: 'Piggy's too sensitive'

Big Brother's Gaetano gave most of his British housemates the thumbs up while Cameron lost his cool just two days into their inter-continental house-swap.

Gae, 31, from Uganda, gave mainly glowing reports on his housemates during an hour-long session in the diary room.

He reckoned Irishman Ray was the best of the British Big Brother bunch but was less impressed with Tania, who he claimed he had called "piggy" in a "humorous way".

On the argument, he said: "I guess when you call someone a pig, they get very insulted by it. When I said it, it was in a humorous way."

He also suggested that, at her age, Tania "should be strong" and "takes things too hard, too easily".

He described Nush as "funny", Scott as "intelligent" and Gos as "the good cook".

Brummie Steph was "mature and "motherly", but Gae added: "She's always passing wind."

Meanwhile, mild-mannered Cameron lost his temper with one of his new housemates in South Africa, Abby.

Red-faced with bulging eyes, he shouted at her to "just shut up", after she had been involved in a late-night argument with one of the others.

Earlier reports on the Scotsman's African adventure had suggested he was settling well into his new surroundings.

He told Big Brother: "There's not one person that has been unfriendly. They're brilliant."

However, the Africans noted yesterday that Cameron, from the Orkneys, had missed "shower hour" for the second day running.

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