Cameron gets it off her chest

She has a reputation as an open, forthright celebrity.

But, even by Cameron Diaz's normal frank standards, her appearance on The Tonight Show was revealing.

The Charlie's Angels star stunned viewers of the US TV show by appearing bra-less in a low-cut cream outfit.

"How does that stay on?" host Jay Leno asked.

Laughing nervously, Diaz replied: "It's by the fate of God, OK."

As Leno quipped "Do you want some more ice?", the actress tried to cover up her chest, telling the audience: "If you all get to see anything, let me know."

The 30-year-old was less shy when describing riding a mechanical yak for Charlie's Angels sequel Full Throttle.

"I was wearing this really short skirt and I got chafed like you would not believe on my inner bits.

"It was just a really delightful experience," she said.

NBC censors were forced to step in when Diaz later swore as she described learning to surf.

"The wipe-out is the best thing because you are tumbling underwater and doing cartwheels," she said. "You eat s**t. Can I say s**t on TV?"

She was also quizzed about an award she won for burping from a children's TV network.

Asked for a demonstration, she gulped down some cola and belched.

"As long as it comes out this end and not the other, we'll all be OK," she said.

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