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  1. I just published “If AI Dethrones Us, What Will It Do with the Natural World?”

  2. date range picker from demo:

  3. turret is a responsive front-end framework for accessible websites

  4. Party on! Share your birthday celebration by adding your birth date to your Twitter profile:

  5. material design lite

  6. regular discussions on the future of business building. brought to you by the content team

  7. My TEDx Talk is online. "The Rescue Mission". I hope you enjoy & pls share. We're all in this one together:

  8. building backbone apps using flux

  9. Want to build apps with ? is writing a book on just that! Sign up for dets

  10. excellent, excellent talk on CSS animations by

  11. The team launched a free version of their healthy eating & meal planning platform. Check it out!

  12. We help you discover delicious healthy recipes, plan your meals and automate your grocery list. Live !

  13. Google Docs is where ideas go to die.

  14. infinite list in javascript that scrolls in 60fps for mobile devices

  15. some small rails application.rb recommendations

  16. Our incredible Strategyzer designer has been making us look like rock stars for 2 amazing years!

  17. ghost's official blog theme is now open source

  18. peace is the mission

  19. Christopher Hopkins followed and
  20. sad :(

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