The cat that got too close for comfort: Alarming moment tourist came face-to-face with a cheetah when it jumped in his jeep

Kenya tourist comes face to face with cheetah who leaped into his jeep

This curious cat got up close and personal with a tourist while on safari at the Masai Mara game reserve in Kenya. The wild cat, with its razor sharp claws and teeth, sure is one moggy you'd rather not have curling up on your lap. But, nevertheless, the bold animal hopped into the back seat of a jeep as it drove through the African plains - much to the shock of an Irishman inside. After entering the vehicle, it slowly sauntered over to holidaymaker Mickey McCaldin (main and top right) until it was barely a foot away from his face. The cheeky cheetah was part of a well-known family that Mr McCaldin's group had been tracking for a couple of days.

'The benefits cap will make me homeless': Mother-of-eight who rakes in £26,000 a year in handouts claims she will lose her house under George Osborne's £20,000 welfare limit

Marie Buchan 'will lose her house' under George Osborne's £20k welfare limit

Jobless Marie Buchan, 33, from Selley Oak in Birmingham says the Chancellor's new measures aimed at cutting welfare spending will leave her family on the breadline. Ms Buchan (pictured inset with Benefits Street star Deirdre Kelly, aka White Dee) says she is already behind on her rent, and were her handouts to be cut by £6,000 she would be forced out of her taxpayer-funded four-bedroom home.

Armed police swoop on Buckingham Palace 'gunman' only to find he was an artist carrying photos in a cardboard tube 

Artist Ray Fiasco, 21, was stopped by 'about 10' officers wielding semi-automatic machine guns as he innocently wandered past Buckingham Palace.

One in 20 children may have been victims says chairman of abuse inquiry as she opens probe which will take five years

The independent inquiry, now headed by Justice Goddard, was initially set up last year amid claims of an establishment cover-up following allegations that a paedophile ring operated in Westminster in the 1980s

Missing couple are found in crashed car - one dead and the other critically injured - THREE days after accident was reported to police 

Lamara Bell, 25, and John Yuill, 28, were reported missing on Sunday after they disappeared from a weekend camping trip. Officers found them yesterday morning in a crashed blue Renault Clio.

Fears grow for 15-year-old mother who has gone missing from home with her 12-week-old baby daughter 

Teenage mother Katie Kelly (pictured with her daughter) has not been seen since Tuesday when she vanished from her home in the Daventry area of Northampton with the little girl.


'Tube strikes are ruining my life!': Commuters' fury as London Underground shutdown causes travel chaos across city 

Tube strike in London causes travel chaos for commuters across the city

Thousands of commuters heading into London faced chaos this morning as a strike by tube workers over extra pay brought the city to a standstill. With no London Underground services running, over-ground trains and buses are crammed with people trying to get to work, while roads are gridlocked with those who were forced to drive. As massive crowds gathered on already congested train platforms across the capital, those caught up in the widespread disruption took to Twitter to criticise the industrial action (inset). Meanwhile, police officers were on hand to maintain order as long queues formed at bus stops, including the one outside Stratford station, pictured main.

'Today I got a boat to work - quite liking the Tube strike': How Londoners refused to let striking drivers ruin their journeys 

Messages from those criticising the Tube strike in London today were met with a flurry of posts from those who were set on seeing the bright side - by boating, biking, walking and running into work.

Man ordered to pay £100 after washing a six-year-old's mouth out with soap when the youngster kicked a pensioner's walking stick and told him to 'f*** off'

NB Please legal - Alfi Forsyth, 6, from Washington near Sunderland who had a block of soap put in his mouth by 23 year old Rian Birtwell. Birtwell, who was found guilty of battery at Sunderland crown court, claims Alfi was swearing at him after he stopped him from kicking an old man's walking stick. See SWNS story SWSOAP; A man washed a child's mouth out with soap after the youngster told him to 'fuck off' and tried to kick an old man's walking stick, a court heard. Angry Ryan Birtwell, 23 spotted the six-year-old's behaviour in a park near his home and confronted him. Ryan had seen the boy kick an old man's cane and told him to stop - but the youth told him to 'fuck off' and called him a 'gay boy', a court heard. Ryan then walked into a nearby shop and bought a three pack of soap and pinned the boy down and stuck a bar in his mouth.

Ryan Birtwell, 23, pleaded guilty to assault at Sunderland Magistrates' Court after confronting six-year-old Alfie Forsyth and shoving a bar of soap in his mouth in Sunderland, Tyne and Wear.

Mentally ill musician 'killed himself after he was taken off disability benefits and ruled fit to work' 

Aaron Lane, who suffered from psychosis, was found dead at his home in Newark, Nottinghamshire, weeks after he was taken off Disability Living Allowance.

Grieving daughter demands to know why her father, 86, died while waiting five hours for an out-of-hours doctor to visit 

Percy Edward Hardy, an 86-year-old of Ashington, Northumberland, spent his final hours with his family frantically speaking to nurses and doctors on the phone as he battled for breath

Triplet dies in accidental fall from flat - one year after her sister was paralysed after being pushed out of a window by the THIRD sibling

Kerry Velloza, 26, died after drunkenly clambering out of the window of her second floor flat in Skelmersdale, Lancashire, following a row with her boyfriend Steen Egan, 38.

Footballer, 24, dies on pitch after collapsing during trial for non-league team

Junior Dian, 24, collapsed during the second half as he played for Kent-based Tonbridge Angels at Whyteleafe FC in Surrey. Despite the efforts of paramedics, he died shortly afterwards.

'I know what I saw and I saw the lady!' Revealed, the Pacific islanders who insist Amelia Earhart WAS taken prisoner by the Japanese after crashing on remote atoll

Amelia Earhart WAS taken prisoner by Japanese say Pacific islanders

EXCLUSIVE: Marshall Islanders remain certain the aviator and her navigator crashed into the Mili atoll, 850 miles from her intended destination (bottom right), before being picked up by the Japanese. Among them, a doctor who says he treated Fred Noonan for a broken leg as Earhart looked on, and a worker who saw the Japanese rush off to the island find the stricken adventurers. U.S. businessman Jerry Kramer (top right) also heard the story of how Noonan was treated for a broken leg on a Japanese boat - and claims he was even shown where she was jailed in Saipan by people who swore she was there. A group of researchers hope to finally put the enduring mystery to rest with tests on pieces of metal found on the atoll.

How British government carried out secret biological warfare tests on London Tube passengers in 1960s during Cold War

Mandatory Credit: Photo by REX Shutterstock (8824a).. Train Station.. VARIOUS - 1964.. ..

Hundreds of thousands of Britons were subjected to 'mock' biological and chemical warfare tests in 750 secret operations, research by University of Kent's Professor Ulf Schmidt reveals.

Grandmother, 44, suffers agonising injuries when she is attacked by a stranger who 'bites her nose and tries to gouge out her eyes' 

Wendy Barber suffered horrific injuries when a stranger allegedly set upon her in the street in North Shields, in Tyne and Wear. Ms Barber struggled to get away as her attacker gouged at her face.

Man appears in court facing the ancient charge of hamesucken for which the penalty used to be death after 'attacking and robbing 93-year-old woman in her home' 

Graeme Bryden 27, of Stevenston, North Ayrshire, has appeared at Kilmarnock Sheriff Court (pictured) accused of robbery and hamesucken. The latter would formerly lead to execution.

Abramovich's great 'bromanski': Chelsea owner goes on bizarre boys' Scottish holiday with best friend and right-hand man who he once bought a flock of sheep (and a £75m yacht)

Eugene Shvidler, 51, (left) has been best friend and business partner of Abramovich (right) since the 1980s. The Chelsea owner, 48, once gave him a £75million yacht as a thank you present

One Direction accused of having two faces as they back climate change campaign despite 'often' using TWO private jets 

The group, the richest boyband in British music history with a combined wealth of £70million, have launched action/1D to 'stop dangerous climate change' despite using two planes to travel the world.

Do you know your quaffles from your Pirie pokes? How 16 times more Britons know rules of Harry Potter game Quidditch compared with croquet 

Britons are far more likely to know the rules of Harry Potter's Quidditch than croquet according to a new survey which has warned that the traditional summer game could die out completely by 2037.

Did China discover AMERICA? Ancient Chinese script carved into rocks may prove Asians lived in New World 3,300 years ago

Ancient Chinese script may prove Asians discovered America 3,300 years ago

Author and researcher John Ruskamp claims to have found pictograms from the ancient Chinese Shang Dynasty etched into rocks in New Mexico, California and Arizona. He claims the markings, which give details of journeys and honour the Shang king, provide proof that ancient Chinese explorers were travelling around North America and interactiving with Native Americans nearly 2,800 years before Christopher Columbus stumbled across the New World. If correct, his conclusions will require the history books to be rewritten. The main image above shows ancient Chinese scripts found in Petroglyph National Monument in Albuquerque, New Mexico, together with their translations, while another set of carvings found in Arizona are shown inset.

Murray fans' anger at Wimbledon empty seats: Hundreds of corporate guests missed start of quarter-final because they were quaffing champagne in hospitality tent

Thousands of tennis fans who missed out on tickets to watch Andy Murray triumph in the quarter-finals have been left fuming at the sight of rows of empty seats on the Centre Court.

Jewel-encrusted 15th Century ring discovered by treasure hunter at Wolf Hall monastery

The 15th Century 'love ring' was uncovered near Launde Abbey in Leicestershire, a manor house once owned by Thomas Cromwell, the subject Hilary Mantel's Wolf Hall novels.

Festival revellers prepare for fun in the sun but they'd better be quick as RAIN is tipped to make a comeback this weekend 

The T in the Park festival is being held for the first time at Strathallan Castle in Perthshire and more than 80,000 people are expected to attend the event over the weekend.

Pregnant woman is convinced she has seen an image of the mother she lost to cancer in scan of her own unborn baby 

Rebecca Melia, from Kirkby, Merseyside, spotted what appears to be an image (left) of her late mother Sharon (right) in the ultrasound scan last month.

How long would it take to drive 80 miles at 80 miles an hour? Watch as mother-of-two is stumped by this one simple question 

Lauren Macklin (pictured), of Hereford, asked fiancé Dave Mapp if he'd prefer 'someone brainy or someone like her.' He then put her mind to the test, asking how long it'd take to travel 80 miles at 80mph.

Mother finds venomous African spider in grapes she'd bought from Asda and was about to feed to her daughters

Abbi Rigby bought the fruit from her local supermarket in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, on Tuesday and planned to give it to her daughters as an after-school snack before she found the spider.

A kick up the a*** for business: Osborne says firms have had a 'free ride' and must now pay staff properly

The Budget included plans for an apprenticeship levy on large firms who ignore the skills of their workforce, in a move which one Cabinet minister described as a kick up the 'lazy arses' of British business.

Half a million homes and thousands of miles of new roads key to making UK more productive, says Osborne

Picture (Device Independent Bitmap) 1.jpg

The Chancellor will unveil a Productivity Plan to tackle low levels of output productivity which he blames on the fact 'we don't train enough or build enough or invest enough'.

MPs to have free vote on easing foxhunting ban: Tories confirm plan to water down laws

The Prime Minister will make it legal to kill foxes for pest control and for those foxes to be flushed out by a full pack of hounds, but has stopped short of a repeal because he does not have enough support.

Britain is punished for outpacing Europe as contributions to Brussels leap by £3.1billion over the next five years

Figures from the Office for Budget Responsibility showed in next year alone there will be a £1.3billion jump in contributions to Brussels than previously expected.

Every child should take the citizenship test to prove they understand British values as well as immigrants, says Labour

Labour Party Annual Conference at Manchester Central. - 
Shadow sec. of state for Education Tristram Hunt MP
Pic Bruce Adams / Copy Lobby - 21/9/14

Shadow education secretary Tristram Hunt called for a 'proper National baccalaureate qualification' in which all pupils are tested on British history and values before leaving school.

Pictured: Sufferers of the bizarre condition causing almost a million Japanese men to lock themselves inside for YEARS, surfing the internet and reading manga

Hikikomori the condition causing Japanese men to lock themselves inside for YEARS

It's the social and health crisis plaguing almost one million Japanese people. The sufferers of 'Hikikomori' - mostly young men - have such severe social withdrawal they isolate themselves in their bedroom, in some cases for years. One of the few hikikomori experts in Japan, Dr Takahiro Kato, suffered from the condition as a student and is now working to prevent it from having a widespread affect on the next generation. Yuto Onishi (left), 18, from Tokyo had not left his bedroom for almost three years before he sought treatment six months ago. Pictured is right and inset are Japanese sufferers of hikikomori who are featured in a French documentary.

Female transgender soldiers who were born male could serve on the front line, reveals Army chief

Soldiers during training in Basra, Iraq. 
Prime Minister David Cameron announced yesterday that up to 75 British troops and military staff will be sent to Ukraine next month to advise and train government forces. 
PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Issue date: Wednesday February 25, 2015. The UK servicemen and women will be based well away from the areas of conflict in the east of the country and offer support with medical, intelligence, logistics and infantry training. There has been no decision to move to supplying lethal weaponry to the Kiev government. See PA story POLITICS Ukraine. Photo credit should read: David Cheskin/PA Wire

Lieutenant General Andrew Gregory said the Army had not yet faced a situation where a woman with all the strength of a man wanted to serve in the infantry.

How checking your emails in meetings drives your colleagues mad: Research finds workers who multi-task makes others 'annoyed' and 'distracted'

A posed picture of a young professional woman giving a presentation to her work colleagues.

A study, by Harvard Business School academics, found that those who use devices during meetings made 50 per cent more mistakes and 'distracted' and 'annoyed' their colleagues.

Apple feeling the burn: Watch wearers take to Twitter to share photos of rashes 'caused by the device'

A handful of Twitter users have shared pictures of rashes and 'burns' they say are caused by Apple's Watch.

'I wanted people to look at my body instead of my injury': Mother who had ear bitten off in violent attack reveals how disfigurement left her anorexic

Katie Price, 26, from Castleford, West Yorkshire, said she was so traumatised after the incident that she struggled to eat, shrinking from a size 16 to a size eight in three months.

'Blonde or brunette, I love changing my wig to suit my mood,' says teenage alopecia sufferer, 18, who has embraced going bald

Sian Pennant-Jones, 18, from Portishead, north Somerset, was diagnosed with alopecia totalis and feared she would have to give up her dream career as a dancer, but now loves changing her hair colour to suit her mood.

Marriage is on the up after a 40 year decline: New ONS figures show numbers of married couples has increased to 51.2% of over 16s 

In 2011, married men and women were almost a minority at just 50.7 per cent of the adult population. But last year 51.2 per cent of people over the age of 16 were found to have tied the knot.

War veteran with PTSD after serving three tours of Afghanistan killed himself after 'six of his Army friends also ended their lives'

 Pictured: Dylan Jones, image found in open Facebook account
 Re: The heartbroken fianceÈ of an Afghan veteran has appealed for action against the "silent killer" that took her soulmate's life.
 Father of eight-year-old twins, Dylan Jones, who served three tours as a soldier in Afghanistan, was found dead on Saturday morning.
 He and fiancÈe Shan Thomas, owner of Pontardawe's The Pink Geranium Hotel, where Mr Jones had also been working, were due to be wed next month.
 The 37-year-old former soldier, who suffered with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), had left Miss Thomas a note expressing his love for her.

Father-of-two Dylan Jones, 37, of Llansawel, Carmarthenshire, was due to marry fiancée Shan Thomas but killed himself a month before the wedding after apparently suffering post-traumatic stress.

'Nil by mouth' patient choked to death after a student nurse fed him sausage and mash 

James South (pictured), from Aviemore, Scotland, was being fed via a tube through his nose and had a deliberately obvious sign where he lay warning ward staff that he shouldn't be served solid food.

The life-saving little sister: Heroic four-year-old is set to save her big brother's life by donating her stem cells to help treat his rare blood disorder

Scott Anderson, six, from Newcastle, suffers from Aplastic Anaemia, a rare illness which means his bone marrow is not making red blood cells, leaving him at risk of catching killer infections at any time.

Warning: graphics violence! Game Of Thrones amazing behind-the-scenes footage reveals computer tricks used to create epic Hardhome battle

Game Of Thrones behind-the-scenes footage reveals tricks used to create Hardhome battle

No Wildlings were harmed in the making of this video. An amazing behind-the-scenes film has been released revealing the computer wizardry employed to create Game Of Thrones' stunning Battle of Hardhome. The epic brawl between the Wildlings, Night's Watch and White Walkers was easily the most ambitious set piece of the series so far, and one of the most exciting to watch.

Two car thieves high on drink and drugs jailed over death of teenager, 19, killed in 60mph horror crash

Sakhawat Ali, from Cardiff, was twice the drink drive limit and had taken cocaine and smoked cannabis before he crashed his uncle's car, killing passenger and aspiring beautician Xana Doyle.

Shocking video shows the moment a drunk driver smashed through barriers blocking off a closed tunnel causing road workers to fear for their lives

Lloyd Johns, of Oxshott, Surrey, was driving at nearly double the drink drive limit when he ploughed through barrier put in place to protect workmen at the entrance to the Hindhead Tunnel.

Man who blew up his own home to get back at his estranged wife is jailed for six years 

Garage manager Richard Dickenson, 47, doused his one-bedroom bungalow in Leeds, West Yorkshire, with petrol before torching the property. The blaze created a explosion which tore the roof off.

Britain's most prolific thief who has committed nearly 350 offences is back behind bars after stealing a pair of trousers which were too small for him 

Homeless alcoholic Robert Knowles (pictured) has now been jailed for stealing an outfit worth £158 - including the pair of ill-fitting trousers - from Marks and Spencer in Plymouth.

Double trouble: Teenage twin models Tiffany and Taliah who terrorised their neighbours for seven years with loud music and swearing are given ASBOs 

Tiffany and Taliah Sanderson, aged 19, were ordered by magistrates in Stockport not to 'generate any music or loud noise including shouting or screaming' between 8pm and 8am.

The tragic downfall of an 80s icon: Mugshots chart the decline of Can't Buy Me Love actress Amanda Peterson before she was found dead in her apartment aged 43 

Can't Buy Me Love star Amanda Peterson's downfall in mugshots

Mugshots of teen star Amanda Peterson reveal the sad downfall of the former Hollywood star in the years before her death. Peterson was arrested four times between 2000 and 2012, most recently for DUI and possession of narcotic equipment under the name Priscilla Peterson in 2012. The other arrests were in 2000, 2003, and 2005. She looks dazed and even bruised in some mugshots, and her mother has admitted that Peterson did have a drug problem at one point, but that she had been clean for years.

The danger of online diagnosis: Millions of emergencies are MISSED through symptom checker websites, study warns

Scientists at Harvard Medical School in the US have warned one in eight emergencies are missed by the NHS Choices symptom checker website, casting doubt on the safety of the internet to spot illnesses.

Did volcanoes cause the rise of Islam? Huge eruptions brought famine and disease to Roman empire allowing Muslim civilisation to spread

Scientists at the Desert Research Institute (DRI) in Reno have reconstructed the timing and climate forcing of 300 individual volcanic eruptions extending as far back as the early Roman period.

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How skipping university is as deadly as SMOKING: School leavers aged 18 have 'same risk of early death as smokers'

An estimated 145,000 deaths could have been prevented adults who left school early had left at 18 - the same number of deaths that could have been averted if smokers quit, Colorado scientists said.

Could vegetarianism save the world? A move away from meat would cut greenhouse emissions and boost biodiversity, study claims

Our insatiable appetite for everything from burgers to barbecued chicken (pictured) is having a serious effect on the environment, researchers from the UK and Germany claim.

Could diabetes trigger DEMENTIA? People with type 2 suffer 'memory loss and declining decision-making skills'

Scientists at Havard believe people with type 2 diabetes lose brain power as their ability to regulate their blood sugar levels falls, resulting in memory loss and declining cognitive function.

Mansion goes up for sale for £20million complete with cinema, bowling alley, spa and its own GOLF COURSE in the back garden 

London mansion with cinema, bowling alley and GOLF COURSE selling for £20m

The 'exceptional private estate' just 20 minutes from central London has picturesque views, a lavish seven-bedroom house (middle) and two properties for staff boasting a further four bedrooms. But the unique selling point is the ultimate luxury for a sporty millionaire - its own full-size five hole golf course (top left), which even tops its indoor leisure centre and bowling alley (bottom left). It's being sold for £19.5m.

Plane graveyard turned playground: Daring free runners record tricks in the abandoned airstrips of the Mojave Airport

The dramatic footage shows the free runners sliding, jumping and back-flipping from the aircraft and broken wings in the deserted boneyard at Mojave Air and Space Port in California.

This baby gorilla is being driven quackers by a family of ducks trying to make their home in his zoo enclosure 

Two-year-old Indigo - a western lowland gorilla - was fascinated by the mother and her flock of ducklings after they waddled into the pond in his compound at Durrell Wildlife Park, Jersey.

Incredible moment villagers cut open swollen body of a dead anaconda...and found it died trying to eat ANOTHER anaconda

This is the incredible moment villagers sliced open the bloated belly of a dead anaconda to discover its fatal last meal was another anaconda.

China cracks down on its sex partying, Ferrari-driving, money-burning 'fuerdai' second generation of super-rich, shallow and very spoiled brats

China cracks down on its sex partying, Ferrari-driving 'fuerdai' rich kids

There has been a massive public backlash against China's 'fuerdai' - or 'rich second generation' - who quite literally burn through their billionaire parents' cash (left) on gold-plated Apple Watches for their pet dogs and brand new Ferraris which they treat like toys. The unemployed kids of the country's wealthiest tycoons then show off their luxurious wares and bundles of cash on social media. The public fury against them intensified when 23-year-old Guo Meimei (right), who was considered to be the queen of the fuerdais, was accused of selling sex at a 'drug party' in 2013. She replied by posting an image of £516,000-worth of casino chips online along with the caption: 'To rich to need to sell sex'. The glamorous heiress, who has since admitted to charging for sex, was one of the many fuerdais who were part of the 'Sports Car Club' (inset). Members of the elusive gang share photos of their supercars with each other on messaging apps. President Xi Jinping demanded that these out-of-control children be taught the value of money - so 70 of the billionaires' children were sent to a 'social responsibility' retreat where the fine for turning up late was £103.

China's shareholder meltdown leaves markets in chaos, with a tonne of iron now cheaper than a tonne of CABBAGES as experts say 'desperate' Beijing officials 'have lost control'

Shares tumbled in the morning before soaring in the afternoon, bringing much-needed relief from a downward spiral that has seen almost $3trillion wiped off valuations in just three weeks.

Europe backs down first as EU president concedes Greece's creditors must make a 'realistic' proposal for managing the country's debts 

Donald Tusk said that Greece's creditors must make a 'realistic' proposal for managing the country's huge debt, as Athens faces a midnight deadline to submit reform plans for an international bailout.

Boko Haram extremists 'agree to release 216 kidnapped schoolgirls in exchange for 16 terror leaders who are in prison'

The offer is limited to the 219 students who were taken from a boarding school in the northeastern town of Chibok in April 2014, sparking global outrage and a campaign to 'Bring Back Our Girls'.

Silvio Berlusconi is given a three-year sentence after being found guilty of corruption charges for bribing a senator

The court in southern Italy sentenced Berlusconi to three years in jail and banned him from holding any public office for five years, a judge said in a ruling shown live on television.

Extreme Catholic group urges beaches to be 'segregated by sex' in northern Spain to avoid 'sins of the flesh'

In northern Spain, a Catholic group by the name of Pedro Menéndez de Avilés has posted an image to their Facebook page urging beaches to be segregated so 'sins of the flesh' are avoided.

Is this the world's worst football team? Micronesia let in a goal every two minutes as they suffer 46-0 defeat

The Federated States of Micronesia suffered their third record defeat when they were thrashed 46-0 by Vanuatu in an Olympic qualifying tournament on Tuesday.



STEPHEN GLOVER: Ignore all the wailing, the Tories have let the bloated BBC off the hook

The Beeb has been forced to take on the cost of free television licences for the over-75s, which will eat up about a fifth of its annual income, writes STEPHEN GLOVER.

DAILY MAIL COMMENT: Budget makes Britain a better place to work

After such a Budget, it was almost possible to feel sorry for Labour's acting leader Harriet Harman, who had the hopeless task of replying for her party.