Hysterectomy 'can boost sex'

Many women fear that having a hysterectomy can reduce their sexual enjoyment.

But a new study claims that the operation can actually improve their pleasure.

Researchers in the Netherlands compared the sexual well-being of 413 women who underwent three different types of hysterectomy.

They found that sexual pleasure improved significantly in all the patients after surgery, regardless of the type of hysterectomy.

The team, from the University Medical Centre in Utrecht, said: "Women are concerned that hysterectomy may affect their sexual well-being or their sexual attractiveness.

"Because hysterectomy disrupts the local nerve supply and anatomical relations of the pelvic organs, it has been thought that the function of these organs may be adversely affected."

To test whether this was the case, the women were asked about their sexuality, frequency of sex and any problems they experienced during sex before and six months after surgery.

Overall, they found there was a reduction in sexual problems reported after all forms of the operation.

Only 10 patients who had been sexually active before surgery were no longer having sex six months later.

Of the 32 patients who were not sexually active before having a hysterectomy, 53 per cent started having sex afterwards.

There was also a drop in the number of women saying they suffered bothersome sexual problems after they had the operation.

The authors concluded that sexual well-being improved after hysterectomies using all the techniques and that sexual problems were also less common after surgery.

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