Teenager gets life for rape and murder

A teenager has been jailed for life after raping and murdering a schoolgirl whom he plied with cheap white wine.

Thomas Davis, 18, admitted the rape and murder of his friend of two years, Sarah Robson, on February 11 this year - the day of her parents 25th wedding anniversary.

Newcastle Crown Court heard how the girl's parents Lynn and John had gone out for a meal to celebrate the event but returned home early after Mrs Robson had a bad premonition.

Sarah's brothers, aged 18 and 20, and her father then searched around their home in East Cramlington, Northumberland.

David Robson, QC, prosecuting, said Davies had got the schoolgirl drunk and forced her to have sex in a field behind her home.

Mr Robson said the schoolgirl had been knocked out probably by a combination of drink and blows to the head before she was dragged 50 yards to the top of a hill where she was raped and strangled.

The barrister said: "Almost certainly to silence the protests of the 14-year-old girl about the sexual violence which had been done to her, the defendant overpowered her and strangled her for a considerable period of time and occasioned her death in order to prevent her revealing what he had done."

The pair had met in the afternoon although they were not boyfriend and girlfriend, and he had bought her two one-and-a-half litre bottles of Lambrini Bianco white wine, while he had four cans of lager.

Blood tests revealed Sarah was almost twice over the legal limit for drivers, while Davis had no sign of alcohol in his system when a sample was taken five hours after the offence.

The defendant had alerted police by ringing 999 and he was arrested at the scene.

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