Teenagers delay healthy eating

by GRAHAM HISCOTT, Evening Standard

Teenagers know the importance of a healthy diet but see it as something to worry about later in life, according to research.

To improve their health, 80 per cent would eat more fruit and vegetables, 60 per cent would cut the fat in their diet and 65 per cent would drink more water.

Yet 39 per cent admitted to not always having breakfast, and 30 per cent did not eat with their parents in the evening, said the study of 1,000 13- to 17-year-olds carried out by the IGD food think tank.

Many of the teenagers quizzed failed to eat a healthy meal during the school day. Just over 40 per cent said they bought lunch from a local shop, and 14 per cent used a fast-food outlet.

Many thought they would only start to worry about a healthy diet when they reached the age of 30.

One obstacle to eating healthily could be a lack of cooking skills. While 61 per cent could use a microwave, only 23 per cent could make a pasta sauce from scratch.

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