Mariah's dressing room dramas

There were three different hairstyles, three different revealing frocks - but always the same cheesy grin.

Welcome to one night in the life of Mariah Carey, superstar.

The 33-year-old American singer was determined to make an impression at the weekend World Music Awards in Monte Carlo.

And that meant one quick change after another.

Miss Carey arrived for the ceremony in a long, multi-coloured Versace chiffon gown which barely covered her ample cleavage.

But by the time she appeared on stage to receive an award for selling 150million albums worldwide, she was in gold lace and sequins.

And for a post-event party at Jimmy'z nightclub, she chose frock number three - a see-through pink mini which again left little to the imagination.

Her straight blonde coiffure had also developed some extravagant, tumbling curls.

Little wonder that she had earlier rejected a dressing room as being too small, causing the awards co-host Rupert Everett to be turfed out of his more spacious accommodation.

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