Families' relief at Soham verdict

After 16 months of agony, the families of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman have spoken of their relief at the guilty verdicts.

Kevin Wells, father of Holly, said it was a "great sense of relief." He said: "There was no sense of euphoria, just a relief that we've got to the end of the process."

Leslie Chapman, father of Jessica, said Huntley was "a time-bomb just ready to go off and unfortunately our girls were at the wrong place at the wrong time." He said he hoped the next time he saw Huntley was "in a coffin."

"Our life sentence started last August. His is only just beginning," he added.

Mr Chapman, 52, and his wife Sharon, 44, and Mr Wells, 40, and his wife Nicola, 36, sat side by side at the press conference in central London.

Mr Wells told reporters: "We have many people to thank from our community, our friends and family, extended and close.

"They have all been there for us over the last 16 months."

Mr Wells, 40, thanked the media, adding that the level of intrusion into their lives had been "minimal".

He said: "A big thank you to all of you. Equally, we would also like to extend a thank you to Cambridgeshire Police. "They have some amazing family police liaison officers who have made this particular journey a bit more bearable." Mr Wells also thanked the trial judge, Mr Justice Moses.

The families were speaking just hours after Ian Huntley 29, was given two life sentences for the murders of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman on August 4, last year.

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