Huntley is 'sick and twisted'

An ex-girlfriend of Ian Huntley today described him as a "sick, twisted and demented" person who beat up his wife so badly that he caused her to lose her unborn baby.

Janine Oliver, 22, who was 14 when she met Huntley in Immingham, near Grimsby, said he definitely had a "thing about school uniforms" and had treated her badly during their relationship.

"I could have been one of those young girls really. It is a scary thought, it really is," she said in an exclusive television interview with Sky News.

"Knowing that I have been with someone like that just disgusts me. I think he is sick, twisted and demented and that is putting it politely."

She said her cousin, Claire Evans, had been married to Huntley and he had "knocked her about".

She said: "He knocked her about until she had fairly bad internal bleeding and she lost her baby to him, she had a miscarriage.

He pushed her down the stairs and he was always violent with her.

"I can imagine if he can kill an unborn child and he has moods like he does, he can kill two 10-year-olds."

Ms Oliver told Sky that she had begun living with Huntley when she was 15, against her parents' wishes.

He had been seeing other girls behind her back who were all under age, apart from one woman, she told the programme.

"He had definitely an interest in younger people," she said. He used to "take care" of young girls, going babysitting for them.

"He really got on with them well but I never thought anything bad about it. He used to get on with children," she said.

The local social services department mounted an investigation after a complaint was made by one of Ms Oliver's parents when she was 15.

Ms Oliver said social services personnel had "stood by her", but nothing was done as she was close to 16, the age of consent.

The police were not informed of the case, she said.

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