Carr's sentence 'is too lenient'

Local residents in Soham have been speaking about their reactions to today's verdicts.

Heather Brasher, 57, who runs a gift shop in Soham, said: "I have just heard about Maxine Carr's sentence and the fact that she could be out so soon.

"I think that's disgusting. People will be amazed I think.

"And I have just heard about his background and the number of times he has been investigated. How could that happen?

"We trust people in authority not to let these things happen. What must the principals of those schools be thinking today.

"I don't know what the right sentence is for her. I just know that if my husband is ill or if there is something wrong with him I know.

"When you live with people you know them and you know when their mood changes and I can't believe she didn't know.

Huntley must now tell the truth

"All I hope is that he now tells us exactly what happened and why it happened. That's all that's left for him to do and I think he'll feel better if he unburdens his conscience.

"It affected so many people. Not just in Soham but all over the country.

"I knew the girls. They used to come in here to buy their knick-knacks like other children.

I sold Jessica her necklace

"I remember selling Jessica a necklace and the next time I saw it was in a photograph of her when she was missing. They were lovely girls.

"When I heard the verdict I just burst into tears. It is so hard, I was just overcome.

"But I think Soham will move on now. Slowly, slowly we will get back to normal. We will move on but Holly and Jessica will be in our hearts forever. We'll never forget them. I know I won't."

Angie Lister, a shop assistant in Soham, said: "I am so emotional at the moment because I know Holly's family well and I knew Holly.

Carr can never come back to Soham

"I am quite amazed to hear that she (Carr) could be out soon. I think she should have got 20 years.

"She will never be able to come back to Soham. She will have to live with this for the rest of her life.

"It's a relief that the verdicts are out but whatever happened today it isn't going to bring back those two little children.

"And all we can hope now is that their parents can get on with life in some way and we can move on."

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