Tory leader attacks tuition fees

Iain Duncan Smith is hoping for some respite from his leadership crisis, with an attack on Government plans for university tuition fees.

The Tory leader is being accompanied by his wife Betsy as he delivers a speech on Tory pledges to scrap the controversial charges.

Mr Duncan Smith will meet local MEPs and candidates for European elections before talking at Loughborough University.

The visit comes after further blows to Mr Duncan Smith's determination to stay on as Tory leader.

Senior party donor Stuart Wheeler, who gave the Tories £5m at the last election, called for Mr Duncan Smith to be replaced.

Mr Wheeler said that the case for ousting Mr Duncan Smith was now "overwhelming" and identified Michael Howard, David Davis and Oliver Letwin as possible candidates for the role.

Mr Wheeler said MPs were almost duty bound to gather the 25 names needed to force a vote of confidence in his leadership.

Mr Duncan Smith did not come over as a potential Prime Minister but seemed weak, he said.

"The Tory MPs, all one hears is that they all take the view that I have just expressed, or virtually all of them," he added.

"That being so, not to be too pompous about it, it is almost their duty to have these 25 letters and get the thing going and that is what I think should happen and very quickly."

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