Queen's tribute to Iraq war troops

The Queen, in her Christmas Broadcast, paid tribute today to Britain's armed forces who helped topple Saddam Hussein.

With a military backdrop of armoured fighting vehicles, she spoke of her respect and admiration for servicemen and women.

Visiting army barracks in Windsor, she is seen chatting to Iraq war veterans, including 19-year-old Trooper Christopher Finney who was awarded the George Cross for rescuing a wounded comrade from a blazing armoured car.

It is the first time the Queen has recorded her annual Christmas message entirely on location, away from a royal residence.

And, in another first, British troops overseas can "dial the Queen" on 0871 271 3100 to listen to her broadcast on the phone.

The Queen said: "I had an opportunity recently at the barracks to meet some of those who played their part with such distinction in the Iraq operations.

"I was left with a deep sense of respect and admiration for their steadfast loyalty to each other and to our nation."

The troops, acting as disciplined teams in situations of acute stress and danger, had "brought great credit to themselves and to our country as a whole," she said.

"The men and women of the services continue to face serious risks and dangers as they carry out their duties.

"They have done this brilliantly. I think we all have very good reasons for feeling proud of their achievements - both in war, and as they help to build a lasting peace in troublespots across the globe."

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