Smarter heat maps.

Ring Rank™ is a patent-pending technology that analyzes where your customers are clicking-to-call on an HTML page. The results are displayed to you as a heat map: we source your website pages remotely, then color-code each call-to-action element based on the quantity of successful phone calls it generated. It’s the new standard for call analytics in mobile devices.

A/B/Call testing.

Traditional A/B testing focuses on online-based conversions and metrics, like bounce rate or the number of form submissions. But if your goal is to drive phone calls, traditional tracking would understate your most successful page designs. Ring Rank™ solves this by the A/B capabilities to cover offline events. With Ring Rank™, A/B testing just got a whole new meaning.

Simplicity. Done.

Including multiple call-to-actions on a web page is the cornerstone of modern optimization strategies – especially on mobile devices. But assigning different tracking numbers for each element is cumbersome and impractical. Leveraging Outleads’ patent-pending, Dynamic Capture™ technology, Ring Rank™ displays the same number on every element in your page. We take care of all the back-end engineering, leaving you free to focus on what you do best: growing your business.

Any element. Anytime.

Ring Rank™ can track any HTML element on your pages: <div>, <a>, <button>, and <input> tags are just a few examples. So you have the freedom to try different call-to-action formats and styles to see which ones perform best. If it’s clickable, Ring Rank™ will track it.

Limitless possibilities.

Ring Rank™ supports an unlimited number of elements on a page. Since we use the element’s ID attribute to identify the click, you can assign identical values to other attributes of the elements, such as class. So your code is simple enough to maintain, but sophisticated enough to maximize conversions.