About Waldorf Education

The first Waldorf School (1919) was founded in Stuttgart, Germany by Dr. Rudolf Steiner, Austrian-born philosopher and educator, for the children of the workers of the Waldorf-Astoria cigarette factory. It represented an effort to change the social structure and help form an enlightened relationship between society and industry in post World War I Europe. Waldorf education is as revolutionary now as it was 90 years ago. Its multi-sensory approach and innovative curriculum embodies characteristics that modern educators have often emulated in reforming American education. Waldorf education strives to cultivate students who grow into creative, motivated, self-confident adults who are able to find purpose and direction in their lives.

The Waldorf Association of Lawrence opened the Prairie Moon School in 2004 and earned the right to use the term “Waldorf” in its name in 2007 after being designated a developing Waldorf school by the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America. Prairie Moon Waldorf School provides a comprehensive approach to education that upholds excellence and uniquely blends artistic, practical and academic work.

In addition to the Prairie Moon Waldorf School website, there are hundreds of other websites devoted to Waldorf education and other Waldorf schools and Anthroposophical enterprises.

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