Minority rights are an insult to gays

by PETER HITCHENS, Mail on Sunday

Last updated at 21:13 25 February 2004

If there were no homosexuals in Britain, the Government would have to invent some. In fact, it turns out that this is pretty much what they have done.

A new 'pink map' of Britain reveals that far fewer homosexual couples live together in this country than we are led to believe.

The figures make a double nonsense of the recent decision to give homosexual couples the right to form 'civil partnerships' - which will lead inevitably to single-sex ' marriages' and the undermining of real, heterosexual marriage as is now happening in the USA.

The actual number of such couples is so small that it is hard to think of any other group of people as tiny as this which has had such favours granted to it by the State.

And it suggests that most homosexuals do not yearn all that much for married bliss anyway, which comes as no great surprise.

Almost all the supposedly persecuted minority groups in modern Britain are the excuse forsocialchange, notthereason for it. I suspect most homosexuals do not want or need this new law. In the same way, few women want to be firefighters or soldiers or fighter pilots.

And most black Britons want above all to be treated just like everyone else, not given special attention because of the colour of their skin.

The invention of persecuted minorities has been going on for decades because their alleged oppression provides the pretext for accelerating social change.

If we really wanted the happiness of minorities, the liberation of women or the abolition of racial discrimination, we would not adopt the aggressive and divisive policies that we do. These suit only the militant and the extreme, often at the expense of the normal.

Why is it assumed that all women want to be wage slaves or single mothers? Research published last week shows that many just want to stay at home and look after their children, but cannot afford to.

Why is it assumed that all homosexuals want to make a public declaration out of a private matter? Why are rioters, rather than family-minded churchgoers, assumed to be representative of Britain's black population?

The answer is that our old friend, the non-existent ultra-sensitive disabled black lesbian, is at work - the revolutionaries' constant excuse for forcing unwanted change on us and silencing those who object by accusing them of being 'bigots'.

Most of us wish to be kind and tolerant, and quite right too. The cleverness of political correctness is that it harnesses this generous impulse for a mean end. It uses it to camouflage a relentless assault on all we have and are, from marriage and family to love of country.

It is a lie and a trick. It is time we were no longer fooled by it.

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