Carr secrets civil servant 'at party'

Last updated at 10:48 13 May 2004

Details of Maxine Carr's new life were stolen from a top civil servant's car while she was in a pub, it has emerged.

The woman left the documents in her car while she went to a friend's birthday lunch party at the Wells Tavern restaurant and bar near Hampstead Heath, north London.

The civil servant became frantic when she realised her Ford Fiesta had been broken into.

One member of staff said: "It happened about 3.30pm. A lady ran out of the room saying her car had been broken into.

"Then police showed up and they looked in the bar - at that time I didn't really know what they were looking for. They were investigating inside and walking up and down the street looking around."

Staff were spoken to but not told what was in the briefcase.

The civil servant, who had personally drawn up arrangements for Carr's release, was forced to tell police the importance of what had been stolen.

At least 10 officers then arrived to scour the nearby area and Hampstead Heath for the documents.

A pub worker said: "The lady was frantic, she had just had her car broken into. We don't get them here that often but it happens - hoodlums know that people around here have money.

"At the time I just thought it was another break-in although it was unusual that it happened in broad daylight."

The Home Office refused to comment on their inquiry into how the documents were stolen.

They were discovered four hours later dumped on Hampstead Heath.

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