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by NEIL SEARS, Daily Mail

Last updated at 10:40 13 May 2004

From the back, it looks like a girl has thrown caution to the wind.

Turn around and it seems like a strapless bra - without any visible means of support.

But from a sunbather's point of view, this tiny strip of material could be the answer to a tanning dilemma.

The Demikini as it is known, is a backless bikini top that does away with the need to readjust straps in pursuit of the perfect line-free tan.

Thanks to a gel usually used in surgery, it has amazing sticking power, staying perfectly in place.

Former teacher Jill Silver, 46, came up with the idea on holiday in Majorca five years ago.

'I sat up and had what I call a "clutch-moment" - which is when you hold your bikini to your chest to look modest,' she said.

'I turned round to my husband and said "I know what I really want ... a backless, strapless bikini top". It was a real lightbulb moment.

'I felt that sunbathing could be a real chore and that I was always working hard to eliminate the strap marks and lines from the day before. I wanted an even tan, with no fastening and unfastening, positioning and re-positioning of ties and straps.'

The gel, which holds the top in place under the arms, is already on the fabric and lasts for about 15 wears.

The first Demikinis sold will come with an extra supply.

'The gel feels very comfortable and cooling and lets the wearer jump and bounce around as much as they want,' Mrs Silver said.

The mother of two, who lives near Altrincham, Manchester, road-tested the top herself on summer holiday.

'I saw a lot of slightly puzzled looks that turned into stupefied gazes as I passed by,' she said.

The Demikini goes on sale across the country this week, in cup sizes A-D, for around £26. Matching briefs cost £10.

Because the gel loses its sticking power in water, the top is for dry land.

Only those who really wouldn't mind going topless should dare take a dip.

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