Low cost Italy: who flies where?

By Jo Tweedy, TravelMail

Last updated at 15:03 22 April 2004


Ryanair and Thomsonfly both fly to Pisa



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Traditionally more expensive to reach than France or Spain, Italy seems to have grown ten-fold in our affections since low-cost airlines began touching down there.

The competition of Ryanair, easyJet and co have pushed package holiday prices down and opened up previously untapped destinations such as Puglia, Sicily and Abruzzo to tourism.

Following the lead of UK no-frills airlines, Italy now has a clutch of its own, two of which, the little-known Meridiana and Volareweb, fly to and from the UK.

If you've never ventured beyond Rome, Venice or the lakes, here's an A-Z guide to where you can now get to in Italy, for pocket money prices.

Ancona On Italy's east coast, Ancona is the capital of the Marches region and the largest port on the Adriatic. It also boasts one of Italy's most important Romanesque buildings, the Cathedral of San Ciriaco. Who flies there?



  • Ryanair (Stansted) More on Ancona...

  • Regional tourism website

  • Read our bespoke guide to the Marches

  • 1/3/2004: Ciao Tuscany!

Bari North of Brindisi at the top of the Italian heel, Bari acts as a gateway to picturesque and lesser-known region of Puglia. Who flies there?



  • Ryanair (Stansted) More on Bari...

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  • 29/7/2003: Everyone's a winner in Puglia

Bologna The city that gave the world Bolognese sauce lies in the heart of the Italian north, west of the Veneto region. A Renaissance city, Bologna is also one of Europe's oldest university towns. Who flies there?



  • Ryanair (Stansted)

  • easyJet (Stansted) More on Bologna...

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Brindisi Pretty Apulian town in Italy's heel gradually outgrowing a reputation for hostility. Offers great access to the Ionian islands via Greek ferries. Who flies there?



  • Ryanair (Stansted) More on Brindisi...

  • Book an Italian holiday

  • Brindisi tourism website

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Florence Home of the Renaissance and harbouring some of the world's best art treasures, Florence has long been heralded as Italy's most beautiful city. Who flies there?



  • Meridiana (Gatwick) More on Florence...

  • 27/01/2004: A chef's guide to Florence

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Genoa The largest port in Northern Italy, hilly Genoa is also the birthplace of Christopher Columbus. Must-sees include Renaissance artwork - Genoa was inhabited by Flemish masters Rubens and Van Dyck - and the medieval harbour quarter. Who flies there?



  • Ryanair (Stansted) More on Genoa...

  • 22/07/2003: A weekend in Genoa

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  • Genoa tourism website

Milan Italy's fashion and football capital, Milan is gathering ground as a weekend destination. Di Vinci's Last Supper is housed in a convent in the city. Who flies there?



  • Ryanair (Stansted, Glasgow, Luton)

  • easyJet (Stansted, Gatwick)

  • bmibaby (Notts East Midlands, Cardiff) More on Milan...

  • 18/03/2003: Where are all the Romeos

  • Milan city guide

  • Milan in pictures

Naples See Naples and die so the saying goes. The southern city provides a chaotic but colourful contrast to the refined north. Who flies there?



  • easyJet (Stansted, Gatwick)

  • Thomsonfly (Coventry) More on Naples...

  • Browse photos of Naples online

  • 02/09/2003: See Naples and thrive

  • Naples city guide

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Palermo, Sicily Arabic-influenced Sicilian capital with a beguiling Mafia past. Views are dominated by the island's three volcanoes - the mighty Etna and Stromboli and Vulcano. Who flies there?



  • Ryanair (Stansted) More on Sicily...

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  • Palermo weather forecast

  • 13/05/2003: Sicily with family

Pescara The biggest and most popular resort in the central eastern region of Abruzzo. Family-friendly Pescara's biggest asset is it's 16km-long sandy beach on the Adriatic coastline. Who flies there?



  • Ryanair (Stansted) More on Pescara...

  • 22/09/2003: A bit of Abruzzo

  • Abruzzo tourism website

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Pisa See the world's most famous subsidence at the leaning tower or stroll around the towers and cathedrals in Piazza del Duomo. Great access for the whole of Tuscany. Who flies there?



  • Ryanair (Stansted)

  • Thomsonfly (Coventry) More on Pisa...

  • Tuscany travel guide

  • 29/9/2003: Easy Pisa!

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Rome The Eternal City is well-served by low cost airlines. Access the Italian capital via Ciampino (10 miles from the centre) and Fiumicino (22 miles). Who flies there?



  • Ryanair (Stansted, Glasgow)

  • easyJet (Stansted, Notts East Midlands)

  • Thomsonfly (Coventry)

  • Flyglobespan (Edinburgh, Glasgow) More on Rome...

  • Plan a visit to Rome

  • Rome in pictures

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Sardinia Jam-packed in the summer and deserted in winter, Sardina is the second largest island in the Mediterranean. A ferry from the mainland used to be the only way to access the island, but there are now flights to all three airports from the UK. Who flies there?



  • Ryanair (Stansted to Algehro)

  • Meridiana (Gatwick to Olbia)

  • Volare Web (Luton to Cagliari More on Sardinia...

  • 22/03/2004: A bargain in the Med

  • Algehro five-day weather forecast

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Italian carrier
Volareweb fly to
Sardinia from London


Attractive Austro-Hungarian harbour city in the north east of the country. Ideal location for exploring neighbouring Slovenia and Croatia. Who flies there?



  • Ryanair (Stansted) More on Trieste...

  • 19/3/2004: Time for a coffee with Lucan

  • Travelled in Trieste? Write a review

  • Trieste tourism site

Turin Industrial Turin is the capital of Northern Italy. Escape the smog and head for the Alps, borders with Switzerland and France are close. Who flies there?



  • Ryanair (Stansted) More on Turin...

  • 19/12/2003: Go Turin for the winter

  • Turin city guide

  • Turin airport information

Venice The touristy lagoon city now enjoys the attentions of regular flights from four UK-based airlines. Who flies there?



  • Ryanair (Stansted)

  • easyJet (Stansted, Notts East Midlands, Bristol)

  • Flyglobespan (Edinburgh)

  • Jet2 (Leeds Bradford) More on Venice...

  • 23/02/2004: Venice in a day

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