Kelly tells of 'drink and drugs hell'

Last updated at 08:29 24 May 2004

The wild child daughter of Black Sabbath legend Ozzy Osbourne has talked about her spiral into drink and drugs - and blamed it on wanting to escape her "chubby English girl" image.

Kelly Osbourne, star of hit TV show The Osbournes, was interviewed on ITV1's Tonight with Trevor McDonald programme by her brother Jack - who has battled similar demons - as he presented a show on teen drug and drink addiction.

Kelly, who is following in her father's footsteps as a singer and dueted with him on the recent hit ballad Changes, was speaking just days after she left a drug rehabilitation centre in Malibu, California, where her brother was also admitted nearly a year earlier.

She revealed she had her first alcoholic drink at 12 and started using harder drugs after struggling to settle into the Los Angeles lifestyle.

She said: "We lived in America for a year and a half and I still really didn't have any friends and I didn't like it.

"I didn't fit in anywhere because I was the chubby English girl and didn't want to drive a BMW and have a Kate Spade bag and wear designer clothing and be in that world."

"I went to this place and I sat next to this person and he just started talking to me and I was like.

"Golly, this person's talking to me - why? And then I met this whole little group of people and he goes, 'Oh, here take this, it's really great. It will make you feel really good'.

"So I took it, and then suddenly I was at t

he centre of attention... and for the first time I felt like I fitted in and was comfortable."

She also talked of a time when she was permanently high but did not care about the damage she was causing her body despite noticing deterioration in her health.

"Painkillers weren't the only drugs I did... towards the end there wasn't a second in a 24-hour day that I wasn't high on something. I was completely and utterly miserable.

"In the beginning you do it because it makes you feel good and then it gets to the point were it stops making you feel good and you do it because you don't know what else to do.

"I didn't give a s*** because at the end of my drug usage I was either waiting to die or get saved."

And chillingly she fears she would be dead had she started using drugs in the UK rather than America: "If we hadn't have moved to America and

I had started using drugs here (in Britain) I'd be dead...because people just don't get it here."

Her brother also talked frankly about his own addictions on the show, which started with alcohol and cannabis when he was 13, and admitted that he came close to suicide after becoming addicted to the designer drug known as Hillbilly heroin.

He said: "What no one knew as I was filming the second series of the Osbournes was that aged just 16 I was struggling with a serious addiction to a painkiller called Oxycontin or 'Hillbilly heroin'.

"My drug-taking made me so miserable that just months after this footage was recorded I tried to kill myself."

Jack, who has been sober since his recovery last year, interviewed his parents, TV show host Sharon and Ozzy, who revealed they feel guilty for letting their children go off the rails.

Ozzy said: "We were in denial. You always want to think it's somebody else's kids, not your own."

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