William and Charles down on the farm

Last updated at 12:34 29 May 2004

Prince William looked every inch the farmer today as he joined his father the Prince of Wales on an inspection of a Royal herd of cows.

The 21-year-old Prince also gave his strongest sign yet that he would join the armed forces when he finished his university studies.

He said he had not yet ruled out any career options but would enjoy joining the forces in the future.

"I would do it wholeheartedly," he told reporters at a photocall on the Prince of Wales's Duchy Home Farm in Gloucestershire.

He added: "I haven't really ruled anything out but a career in the armed forces would be the best thing at the moment because it would be lovely to recognise all the hard work that the armed forces are doing."


There had been rumours that the Prince, who is second in line to the throne, did not see his future in the military.

A stint in the forces would be traditional for a royal in his position.

It was reported that he was keener on working in farming. And today he was helping Charles as they checked on his Ayrshire dairy cattle.

He was decked out in a green flat cap and wax jacket with his faded blue jeans tucked into a pair of olive-green wellies for the photo call at Home Farm close to Charles's countryside sanctuary Highgrove.

The pair walked through the damp green fields before they reached the area where the waiting media had been rounded up.


Looking relaxed, William strolled along with his hands in his pockets, while a casually-dressed Charles walked at his side with a crook-shaped walking stick.

There were more journalists and photographers than cattle in the small field.

Charles and William chatted together as William pointed at the animals before remarking to the media: "Mind the cow pats".

The pair then wandered into the middle of the docile brown and white cows with William letting one lick his hand. He patted it affectionately on its side.

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