Britney gets sleazy - again!


It seems a long time since she was the demure pop princess who swore she would remain a virgin until her wedding night.

Wearing just knickers, a bra, stockings and suspenders as she kisses a male dancer, this is Britney Spears's latest stage routine.

Even though her audience still consists largely of children, the 22-year-old's performance verged on the pornographic on the latest leg of her world tour.

In scenes reminiscent of her heroine Madonna's most outrageous antics, she arrived on stage by sliding down a fireman's pole.

She and the male dancer were soon frolicking on a bed, touching each other all over.

At another point during the 90-minute show in Miami, which was televised live in the U.S., she dirty- danced with a female performer who was wearing a French maid's outfit.

The sleaziest moment of the act came as she appeared to be naked in a pretend bath while her dancers writhed on satin-sheeted beds.

And, while until now she has played the penitent about her annulled wedding to childhood friend Jason Alexander over the New Year, she was happy to joke about it on stage.

"There are a lot of cute fellas in the audience tonight," she giggled.

"Are you guys feeling lucky? Because if you are lucky I might marry you."

While the show might have titillated some of the more adult audience, it horrified many mothers who were there with their children.

Annette Garcia, with daughters Amina, four, and Delani, eight, said: "When she did the sexy scenes, I told them to cover their eyes. It was not at all suitable for young children."

Daniella Pop, who accompanied her 11-year- old daughter Annie, said: "If I had known how sexually explicit it would be, I would not have brought my girl."

Had the performance been screened on network TV, it would have caused America's biggest outcry since Janet Jackson exposed her breast during the Superbowl final.

However, it was confined to a payper-view cable channel with a limited audience.

Britney's outlandish new stage show, which will reach Britain at the end of April, comes as she is going through an admitted crisis in her personal life.

Once a committed Christian who was saving her virginity for the day she married boyfriend Justin Timberlake, she has lurched from problem to problem since they split, including that two-day marriage, trying drugs and a habit of having to be carried home from nightclubs.

Worryingly for her, there are still plenty of seats unsold for her tour - a fact possibly not unconnected with her latest shenanigans.

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