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  1. Pope Francis condemns the pursuit of money as 'the dung of the devil'

  2. Chinese government could shut down the internet if a new cyber security law is passed

  3. Suicidal teenage girl in China threatened to jump from window because she's lonely

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    Parents are furious about this McDonald's Minions toy that appears to drop F-bombs

  5. Pope Francis pops into BURGER KING to get changed before Mass in Bolivia

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    This dead raccoon got a memorial and a candlelit vigil

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    Donald Trump is now the frontrunner in the Republican nomination race

  8. This is Russia's answer to the gay rainbow flag

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    These horses adopted a penguin and it was just perfect

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    Oh y'know, just Prince Charles busting a move at a Welsh Eisteddfod

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    These zookeepers make sure the wombats get all the exercise they need

  12. German men died after contracting a new strain of virus from their squirrels

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    Royal family remembers the glorious Few, 75 years on

  14. Tsipras has to win over his reluctant party after capitulating to creditors

  15. Lone gunman kills 82-year-old woman and cyclist in drive-by shooting before being arrested

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    Wore all his clothes on plane to avoid luggage fee, collapsed with heat exhaustion

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    How accurate was Back to the Future’s ageing make-up?

  18. Inspirational boy pictured studying using light from Mcdonald's got swamped with donations

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    This adorable toddler made an incredible mess of the house

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