Mick Jagger laid bare

by TONY BONNICI, Daily Mail

Last updated at 10:16 02 July 2004

His list of conquests is legendary - so when it came to tracking down Mick Jagger's former girlfriends for a documentary, there were plenty to choose from.

No fewer than six of his ex-lovers are interviewed for the programme Mick's Girls, in which they say the 61-year-old Rolling Stone is:

  • Fiercely jealous, to the point of ordering girlfriends home.

  • A 'sex vampire' who preys on young women.
  • A kinky lover who enjoys spanking and three-in-a-bed sex.
  • While the programme may prove embarrassing for Jagger, he can take comfort that most of his ex-girlfriends agree he was a good lover.

    The show, to be broadcast next Wednesday on Five, also tells how Jagger laid his love life bare in the lyrics of many of his best known recordings.

    And his daughter Jade's nanny reveals how the singer broke down in tears when his first wife Bianca walked out on him.

    Jagger's first serious girlfriend, Chrissie Shrimpton, says that despite his mean reputation he would pick up all her bar bills, even when he was not there - but only on condition she left nightclubs when he told her to.

    Now 58, Miss Shrimpton, who dated him from 1963 to 1966 and is the sister of model Jean, says: "I used to go to clubs in London and I would have a bar bill that he would pay but I had to go home at a certain time.

    "He would often phone up and I was told I had to go home now. I would be taken to the car and he would ring at home at three in the morning. I kind of liked that.

    "My role was to make him very kind of ordinary and it was my ordinariness that was my downfall because I was dumped because I was so uncool. I was told that all the time."

    Jagger is said to have written the song Stupid Girl in a jibe at Miss Shrimpton.

    Pamela Des Barres, the groupie he met in America in the 1970s, tells how he was a 'wild lover".

    "He was an incredible playful lover, frolicking, his bedclothes were everywhere," she says. "He made you feel special."

    Janice Dickinson, who had an affair with him when he was with Jerry Hall, says that even aged 40, he pursued her like a teenager.

    "There were 50,000 phone calls day and night, from all places from around the globe. He became obsessed with me. He was filling my room with pink roses.

    "Then he asked me, 'Will you have my baby?' How much more seductive is that? But it was never going to happen. However, Mick Jagger is the best of the best of the best of lovers bar none."

    Catherine James and Janice Kenner temporarily shared Jagger when they moved into his home in the early 1970s - although Miss James was his girlfriend and Miss Kenner his cook. Miss Kenner says: "It was more fun, kind of a laugh, for both of us."

    But Miss James found it difficult to cope. "I definitely wasn't the right girlfriend because I would have killed him in his sleep, I've a jealous nature," she says.

    Sex therapist Natasha Terry, with whom Jagger had a fling in 1999, tells how she was reduced

    to giggles when he played kinky games. She says: "He would love to spank. I started laughing because I was never into spanking."

    She adds: "I think he is like a sex vampire. Being with all these different people makes him feel young and gives him all this energy.

    "He can't stay faithful to one woman. He has to get that satisfaction from bedding a lot of women at the same time."

    Jagger's present girlfriend, stylist L'Wren Scott, does not appear in the programme. Neither do his ex-wives Bianca Jagger and Jerry Hall, or lovers such as Marianne Faithfull.

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