Half-eaten banana fetches £1,650 at auction

Last updated at 12:33 13 July 2004

A banana signed and partially munched by GMTV presenter Kate Garraway has fetched £1,650 on an auction website.

Ms Garraway auctioned the piece of fruit on eBay (www.ebay.co.uk) after a previous on-air discussion about the internet site, which has played host to all manner of weird and wonderful auctions.

The banana was up for grabs between July 4 and 11, with the eventual buyer, online insurance broker Screentrade (www.screentrade.co.uk), donating the money to charity.

Jaime Falarczyk, who works in the South Wales company's communications team, said the purchase might now be exhibited at the firm's premises.

A staff member originally came up with the idea to bid for the fruit.

Screentrade originally put in a maximum bid of £1,000 before being eventually pushed up another £650. The company claimed there were 30,000 bids in all.

Ms Falarczyk said: "We thought it might generate a bit more fun around the office. It might be exhibited in our reception area."

Asked if she thought people might regard the purchase as somewhat strange, she replied "I guess they probably will. It is just a bit quirky and a bit of fun."

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