Campaigner Bono welcomes Aids cash boost

Last updated at 08:46 13 July 2004

Singer Bono has hailed the Chancellor's "extraordinary" boost for the fight against Aids.

Gordon Brown yesterday announced £1.5 billion to tackle HIV/Aids across the developing world over the next three years.

The U2 frontman said the move would save hundreds of thousands of lives.

"What happened yesterday was hundreds of thousands of people with Aids who were not going to have access to anti-retro viral treatment and therefore were going to die, after yesterday are going to live," he said.

Speaking to the BBC Bono said the decision was "extraordinary".

"I find myself in a very unusual position, which

is having to praise politicians. We are always beating Tony (Blair) and Gordon up for not doing enough, but today we have to say this is extraordinary."

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