FA member: 'We look like idiots' over Sven

Last updated at 09:50 27 July 2004

A member of the board of the Football Association has called for answers over the latest revelations about England manager Sven-Goran Eriksson.

The FA have been forced to retract a statement issued last week denying Eriksson's involvement with a female member of staff after reports in a Sunday newspaper.

It has also been revealed that chief executive Mark Palios also had a relationship with the same woman.

Board member David Henson believes the whole affair has been an embarrassment to the FA and wants an investigation.

Henson said: "It makes us look like idiots because there was a denial and then we were told that it did happen.

"We are left looking like mugs and that can't be right. We have been left high and dry.

"There's so many questions to answer and we will be expecting those to be answered this week.

"For an outsider looking in, it doesn't paint a very good picture," he told The Guardian.

The FA board is not due to meet until August 26 but it is believed an emergency meeting could now be called.

Eriksson is currently on holiday in Sweden and is not expected to return to England until next week.

It is not the first time that Eriksson's activities have received tabloid exposure.

Two years ago he was revealed to have had an affair with TV presenter Ulrika Jonsson. He has also twice been photographed meeting with Chelsea owner and chief executive Roman Abramovich and Peter Kenyon leading to speculation he was being courted by the London club.

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