Shane 'disgusted' by ex-wife's sex promise to son

Last updated at 17:00 02 June 2005

EastEnders star Shane Richie said he was "disgusted and appalled" with his ex-wife after she promised their son sex with a prostitute if he passed his GCSEs.

Mother-of-three Coleen Nolan revealed her plan to pay for 16-year-old Shane Jr's sex trip to Amsterdam on ITV1 daytime show Loose Women.

The former Nolans singer, 40, also told the shocked audience she had given her fiancé

Ray Fensome permission to have a one-night stand during the proposed trip.

Richie, who broke up with Coleen in 1997 and has another younger son with her, said: "I'm absolutely disgusted and appalled about what Coleen said on Loose Women.

Audience gasped

"I can only think she said this for shock value, and I hope and assume it was said in total jest.

"No responsible parent would even think of such a thing - let alone state it.

He added: "I can assure everyone that having passed his GCSEs - fingers crossed - Shane Jr will not be going to Amsterdam. I have bigger family plans."

Nolan stunned co-presenters and the audience by revealing that she had offered to financeé

the trip as a post-exams reward.

"I said, 'Ray will have to go with you', and he said, 'Well then, Ray might sleep with a prostitute too'."

"I said, 'Oh, that's all right, it's only a prostitute'. I wouldn't throw away the father of my children and all that for the sake of lads being lads."

As the crowd gasped she added: "As long as he comes back and tells me about it. I'm not joking, I'd love it. There's something a little bit kinky about me."

Hitting back

On Loose Women on ITV1, Ms Nolan stood by her comments and said Miriam Stoppard, writing in the Daily Mirror, had got her facts wrong.

She said: "I'm just shocked at the reaction of all of it. I just though we'd come so far. The thing that got me most about that paper interview was the comment by Miriam Stoppard.

"She calls me an irresponsible parent - well, to me that's irresponsible journalism because she hasn't got any of the facts right.

"Shane Junior has been sexually active since he was 15. We have always had a fantastic open relationship as mother and son. We have talked about everything - mainly safe sex.


"I would have been very naive and stupid if I turned round and said 'You're not having sex until you're 18, you're only going to have sex when you're married and don't talk to me about it because I don't want to know'. He's 15 and will go out and do it.

"I agree with her (Miriam) that if he'd never had sex and I'd never discussed it, it would have been a very, very cheap way of getting rid of my responsibilities and saying 'let her tell him what to do'.

"This whole thing came about because Shane is taking his GCSEs and I said if you do really well in them, I will pay for you, for a long weekend, to go anywhere you want to go.

"His first reaction was 'Mum, me and my mates have always wanted to go to Amsterdam to see the red light district'.

"I didn't say 'If you get five GCSEs, I'll send you to Amsterdam to sleep with a prostitute'.

"He wants to go to Amsterdam because it's every teenager's fantasy. I'd be very naive to think 'Oh isn't it lovely that he wants to go to Amsterdam and see the sights' - I know exactly what sights he wants to see.

"He's started revising three hours every night. This child has gone from getting no GCSEs to eight A s.

"We are very open about it - we talk about safe sex.

"The thing is, if I'd come on here and said 'Shane wants to go to Ibiza with his mates for a week', everyone would have said 'Oh isn't she a great mum? He'll have a great time'.

"No, he won't - he'd go to Ibiza and get drunk with his friends every night in a bar with lots of other drunk females, probably sleep with a different girl every night, with unprotected sex.

"Everyone thinks that's OK, but as soon as you mention prostitute and the words 'paying for it', everyone is, like, 'gasp'."

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