Do you live in a crime hotspot?

Last updated at 12:55 07 March 2005

Leeds is the burglary capital of Britain - with the number of claims for household thefts 99 per cent above the national average.

A study has found that the number of claims for household thefts in Leeds was 99 per cent above the national average. Hull and Nottingham followed with 84 per cent and 72 per cent respectively.

Residents in Edinburgh are least likely to suffer from burglary with over 56 per cent less claims than the national average. Cardiff and Swindon follow closely behind the Scottish capital on 47 per cent and just over 46 per cent respectively.

When it comes to accidents, Plymouth was the most accident prone city, with 45 per cent more claims made for accidental damage than the national average, the Endsleigh Insurance research showed.

Residents in Ipswich were also rather prone to mishaps - nearly 24 per cent more likely to claim, placing them second in the league table.

Swansea came third in the rankings, making the city more accident-prone than its Welsh neighbour Cardiff, which came in tenth.

Nottingham residents have mixed fortunes. Not so lucky for theft, residents are however the fourth least likely to claim for accidental damage in the country, almost 16 per cent below the national average.

Londoners are also amongst the least accident-prone people in the country, coming fifth in the league table.

Edinburgh also features eighth in the least accident-prone top ten, with residents 10 per cent less likely to claim for accidental damage than the national average.

Householders in Hull, Sheffield and Wolverhampton have the worst luck. All three cities appear in both the worst cities for theft and accidental damage.

Tim Larden, Spokesperson for Endsleigh Insurance said: "The theft statistics will no doubt provide food for thought for householders across the country.

"We have laid some preconceived opinions about certain towns and cities to rest, and have also identified areas where much has been done to counter the threats of burglary.

"It is clear that some cities will need to work hard to ensure that they do not become indelibly marked as crime hotspots.

"The pricing of household insurance is based not only on postcodes but also on many other factors and will therefore vary within different cities.

"This research underlines the risks faced by householders in our major cities, demonstrating the need for adequate insurance cover."

"Accidental damage can relate to a number of different claims but common examples are spilt drinks and putting your foot through the ceiling floor in the loft.

"These top tens were compiled from policy and claims information gathered between 2001 and the end of 2004.

"As such they provide a robust benchmark. It will be intriguing to see how crime initiatives such as CCTV, Anti-Social Behaviour Orders and neighbourhood watch schemes impact on the position of different cities in years to come."

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