Vitriol flies over Kimberly's new baby


Last updated at 08:26 07 March 2005

A defiant David Blunkett is to renew the bitter legal fight with ex-mistress Kimberly Quinn over their two-year-old son, it has emerged.

Despite the shock of discovering he is not the father of her month-old baby Lorcan, the former Home Secretary is determined to win access to William, who did result from their three-year affair.

One well-placed source said: "David remains absolutely committed to William. He loves him. He wants to be a dad to him."

Open warfare resumed at the weekend between Mr Blunkett and Mrs Quinn and her husband Stephen over who leaked news that DNA tests confirmed Mr Blunkett was not Lorcan's father.

The venomous feud plumbed new depths as the "insanely-cross" Quinns accused the politician of dirty tricks and friends spoke of an "outrageous" smear campaign following allegations that the baby's father is an Indian media tycoon.

One person close to the Quinns said: "Blunkett is eaten up with jealousy that he isn't the baby's father. He can't bear the idea that Stephen and Kimberly are happy together or that Lorcan's father could be Kimberly's husband.

"As for the suggestion that Lorcan looks Indian - you would have to be demented to dream that up."

A grim-faced Mr Blunkett refused to comment on the controversy yesterday, choosing instead to attend a football match between Sheffield Wednesday and Doncaster Rovers.

But friends say he has been "stunned" by the attack on him by the Quinns and, after learning of the DNA result some time ago, had urged the tabloid newspaper which broke the news not to publish it.

"He had wanted this done in a dignified way but it was always going to be difficult," said one source.

Despite another bout of damaging headlines, Mr Blunkett - forced to resign after it emerged that he fast-tracked a visa for Mrs Quinn's Filipina nanny - remains determined to return to front-line politics.

He regards his enforced spell on the back benches as a "time out" allowing him to recharge his politicial batteries and while the acrimonious High Court battle over access to William is far from resolved, political sources say the ex-minister has been deluged with invitations from Labour MPs to campaign for them in the run-up to the General Election.

"He has loads left to contribute," said one. "He is using this time to talk and to listen and to do a lot of thinking."

The simmering row between the ex-minister and his ex-mistress erupted again on Saturday with news of Lorcan's DNA tests revealed in the Sun under the headline 'Did Kimberly have Asian baby?'

A furious Stephen Quinn accused Mr Blunkett of leaking information to the press and "breaching our family's privacy". DNA tests have already confirmed that the politician is the father of William but Mr Quinn described the toddler as "my son" yesterday and earlier called Lorcan "our son".

Outside the couple's Mayfair home he said: "I want to look after my children. I will not draw a distinction between biological and non-biological - we are not buying Persil or Daz."

Irishman Mr Quinn, the publisher of Vogue magazine, also derided as "totally absurd" suggestions that Lorcan looked Asian, adding: "He looks like an Irish rugby player."

And newspaper tycoon MJ Akbar, the businessman at the centre of the speculation, denounced as "preposterous" allegations that he and Mrs Quinn were lovers.

The 54-year-old married father of two, who is based in Delhi, said he had known Mrs Quinn for years but they were "just good friends". He added that he was covering the Indian general election in May last year, when Lorcan is said to have been conceived. "I don't think I was in London."

His wife Mallika said she would be "disappointed" if he had fathered Mrs Quinn's son, but she did not think it was true. Asked about her husband's reputation as a ladies' man, she added: "I don't want to respond. This is very unseemly."

A source close to Quinns said: "It's agreed that Lorcan was conceived at the time when Kimberly was clearly trying to get out of her affair with David Blunkett. At that time she was, unquestionably, not having any other affair. Blunkett was absolutely convinced that he was father to the second child and it has come as a tremendous shock to him that he is not."

The source said Stephen Quinn had not taken a DNA test to prove he was Lorcan's father. "They want both boys to grow up on an equal footing. Stephen is definitely the father of Lorcan but they do not want to say so publicly because they want both boys to be brought up on the same basis."

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