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Last updated at 17:08 12 August 2005

Welcome to the transcript of our LIVE CHAT with You Magazine beauty editor, Normandie Keith. Read her advice, help and suggestions to a wealth of questions from Mail online users...

Transcript: Welcome to today's LIVE CHAT with You Magazine Beauty Editor, Normandie Keith.

Born and raised in New York, model Normandie always had a love of fashion. While she concentrated on art in her formative years, she was introduced to modelling via her acting school.

It wasn't long before she moved to London to sign with Models One. She went on to model for magazines such as Tatler, Vogue and Harpers & Queen.

Normandie has now moved into design, launching a new collection with Debenhams, so who better then to spill the beans on the behind-the-scenes gossip and tricks of the trade?

Moderator: Thanks for joining us today Normandie, how are you?

Normandie: Fantastic and thrilled that spring is here. Can't wait to get talk to you all!

Moderator: Great - we'll get started right away!

iluvlippy: Hi Normandie, What are the top three beauty tips you've got from working as a model?

Normandie: Hi, iluvlippy, okay, the first beauty tip is to drink tons of water - preferably two litres a day.

I know everyone says this but it really makes a visible difference...

Always curl your eyelashes because it really makes your eyes pop open and appear wider. I recommend Shu Uemura. The next is always apply under eye concealer - Touch Eclat by YSL is fantastic. A fourth tip is always remember to smile!

Moderator: Lisa emailed this question in just before lunchtime:

As you are a beauty 'guru' I'd appreciate your advice for seriously dehydrated skin. I've just turned 31 and up until about 6 months ago had near perfect skin, but over the last few months it has completely dried up with no oily patches and feels very tight (not flaky but there are a few lines and crepeyness around my eyes). Can you help?

Normandie: Me too! Lisa, I'm 31 as well and I have the exact same problem. Poor you, I know what it feels like to watch your skin dry up in six months time.

So here's what I've found that helps. I started eating more salmon because it's very rich in Omega fatty acids which moisturise and plump up your skin.

I began taking Imedeen pills which you can get from any chemist that also help bring moisture from within and build collagen.

I drank lots and lots of water and I use a face oil for dehydrated skin - Decleor make a great one. And, also, Christy Turlington's range is very good - Sundari.

On days when my skin is still quite dry i avoid putting on any make up as it seems to make the problem more visible and makes my skin look more parched.

Lastly, look in the mirror and love yourself even if your skin is a bit dry. 31 is a great age and these kind of recommendations take time to work - keep smiling!

natashaal: First of all just to say how much I love your column. I have a question regarding eyes and I know you covered this once but I wanted to ask you what you recommend. I am 25 now but find that I wake up even if I didn't have a late night with puffy eyes and that just ruins everything! Please advise on make up tips to cover this and an anti-ageing cream that you recommend?

Normandie: Hi, Natasha, thank you so much for reading my column. Puffy eyes can ruin your days for sure. I try to lower my intake of salt and sodium products like Chinese food.

If you can sleep on two pillows at night with your face up this will help drain the fluid downward.

Always keep Optrex eye masks in the fridge...slap them on in the morning. Prescriptives make a great eye cream called Vibrant. Then the all important Touch Eclat and eyelash curl.

If you have real problems you can do an eye zone lymphatic drainage treatment - once a month should keep things at bay. Also you can learn to accupressuraly massage your own eye. Thank you so much and I'm sure you have very beautiful eyes!

alberta_s: Hi Normandie. The fashion mags are filled with articles on taking your day clothes into evening, but they mainly focused on suits. I don't have a suit job, but still want to look sassy at the end of the day. Any tips?

Normandie: Hi, Alberta, day to night can be fabulously achieved with a quick shoe change into some great stilletto sandals for spring and then if you try layering by wearing a sexy camisole under your cardi or shirt.

Then you can whip off the top to reveal your sassy side and then always wear some lipgloss and use a hairband to do something with your hair and some big old earrings and then you are ready to go..

have a great night!

linda_rr: I read you column most weeks in the You magazine, however, I don't remember reading an article on female facial hair. We are told not to shave, not to pluck, not to use depilatories (they simply burn the face), so what is the answer? I don't think waxing would work for me, as my problem is quite severe. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated...

Normandie: Hi, Linda, I know female facial hair is such a nightmare. I have had facials where they shave my face! I wax, I've used a depilatory which nearly burned my skin off!

I've used Jolene cream bleach which made me look like Father Christmas !

The best method is threading - it's an Indian technique where a spool of thread is used and can be used all over the face - eyebrows, lips, chin - anywhere you have a problem. It is good for people who have a lot of hair - Indian women use it all over their faces.

Bharti Vyas in Central London is a good practitioner. But keep up the threading regime and this will hopefully lessen the hair. Thank you for reading my column.

maryannp: How do you combat jetlag with all your travelling?

Normandie: Hi, Maryann, to combat jetlag I always bring my own pillow and I drink lots and lots of water.

I set my watch to the new time as soon as I get on the plane and I try and stay up until the night when I arrive and if all else fails I must admit I take a sleeping pill..bon voyage!

blondie75: I have been a Sunday Mail reader for many years and enjoyed You magazine in particular.. but it seems that much of your beauty advice is aimed at people with a lot of money to spend. Could you include tips for those of us on a more strict budget?

Normandie: Hi, Blondie75, thank you so much for your comments. The very best cream on the market for moisturising is called NiveaQ10 for the body...and it's only a few pounds.

Also as I've said in the past natural things can be used such as sand as an exfoliator.Or salt. Aloe and tea bags can be used to depuff eyes.

And the most brilliant range - Te Tao - which is available from Boots starts at £3 is a must in my bathroom...and the most important beauty tip of all is laughter.

Moderator: Cindy emailed this question last week:

I have some broken capilleries around the bridge of my nose and a few on my cheeks. Is there any non-surgical way of reducing the appearance of these? I'm fed up with having to wear concealer all the time!

Normandie: Hi, Cindy, it's such a problem for me too! No matter what I do those stubborn spiders come back! Vitamin K cream strengthens the capillary walls and therefore making their appearance less red.

I found that heat of any sort makes them worse so try to wash your face with cooler water, not cold and alcohol also seems to ignite them - boring! And, always wear sunblock, rain or sun....Bye and thanks for your question.

im_louise: I can never seem to wear mascara because it always ends up smudging - even the non-smudge versions. I don't recall ever rubbing my eyes but I obviously do. Can you suggest any foolproof way or make or Mascara for dealing with this?

Normandie: Hi, Louise, I have the best alternative to mascara - have your eyelashes died blue/black and them have them permed and then you will wake up with perfect non-smudged lashed every day...Wink, wink!

ajg16: Have you had any progress in treating the hyperpigmentation on your face? Now summer is on its way I fear mine will become a problem again. What do you suggest?

Normandie: Hi, ajg, well it's such an ongoing problem - some months its better then all of a sudden it's back again.

I'm still using the Obagi products which contain hydraquione which seems to be the only thing to really bleach out the skin but I'm afraid, darling, that you and I are going to be facing this for ever - but keep the faith and the sunblock on.

marieoda: Normandie - I read your page in the You mag yesterday. I notice the book "You Can Heal Your Life" was first published in 1985. Does it still stand up today or is there an updated version?

Normandie: Hi, Marieoda, the book You Can Heal Your Life stands the test of time - it's still one of the most insightful guides to loving yourself. Now there is also a companion work book that you can do while you read it for extra enlightenment. I do hope you pick up this book as it is amazing.

Moderator: Normandie, we've had quite a few comments about yesterday's column...

foxie_lady: Hi Normandie - just wanted to say how inspiring your column was on Sunday. Really good advice!

Normandie: Hi, Foxy, thanks so much for your lovely words - I really think the most important thing to do is to love and appreciate yourself so give yourself a hug from me.

roz_femail: Hiya Normandie. We get bombarded with so many different bits of advice about the 'right' way to clean our skin. I was wondering what you suggest!

Do you think that foaming facewashes are the best way to remove make-up and dirt at the end of the day or is the trio of cleanse, tone and moisturise your top tip? Thanks.

Normandie: Hi, Roz, Thank you for your question. I think the reason we get so bombarded with so many different routines is because skin cleansing is really an individual thing.

My skin hates toner and will break out at the thought of it so I use a foaming face wash and moisturiser and sunblock every day but I have very dry skin.

I think about my mother - cold cream and water has worked for 50 years. You have got to see what works for you and listen to your skin before you listen to anyone else!

carlystanley: My skin is really dull at the moment, I find that spots stay for ages, what can I do to brighten it up?

Normandie: Hi, Carly, the best thing is exfoliation - it's a great way to get rid of the dull layer of skin. Dermalogica make a great product called Microfoliant - it's like a rice enzyme that eats away dead skin cells and is very gentle.

Also, Prescriptives make a Vibrant cream for the face which illuminates your complexion. Don't get mad at your spots.. thank them for being there and tell them to go away.

Watch this space for my forthcoming May Skin Brightening page and smile because it brightens up your face!

tinahodgson: Hello! What do you think is the best facial for oily and congested skin?

Normandie: Hi, Tina, thank you so much for your question. The best facial to clear congestion is a glycolic but you must be careful if you have sensitive skin. Laser Aesthetics in London are a great place for advice..

lisaheffron: What moisturiser and sunblock do you use, Normandie?

Normandie: Hi, Lisa, I use NV Perricone firming face activator and Jan Marini anti oxidant sunblock - both can be purchase from Laser Aesthetics clinics. Thanks again!

Moderator: We've only got time for a few more questions, so please get them in as soon as you can. Normandie, many of your readers are familiar with the battles you and your family have faced with cancer. What advice do you have for those going through similar circumstances?

Normandie: Thanks for the question. It is most important when dealing with cancer to appreciate the day because once there is a diagnosis the patient and family members' minds' can become consumed with impending doom instead of relishing the fact that they are together at this moment and have each other to face the future and whatever that brings.

I think you also have to be very very positive and laugh at every situation. When you are sitting across from a doctor and he's telling you the most horrific things you have to find humour in it. The other choice will lead to a death of spirit.

And love and cherish your family every minute of every day and don't let stupid arguments take up any of your time.

And for any patients who are dealing with this always have faith - you are never a statistic but an individual that can overcome anything.

popeyes_girl: I had skin cancer last opp june 1981 so this june 22 years - positive is the key!

Normandie: Dear Popeyes, I'm so glad to hear of your victory - I send you all my love and postive energy!

cheater_gal: Hello Normandie. My daughter has been approached by a modelling agency in London and I'm hesitant about letting her get involved.

They haven't asked us for any money, and after recognising some of the models on their website, I'm not worried about their legitimacy. She's only 15 and I think she's too young. Any advice?

Normandie: Hi, Cheater-gal. Congratulations, I'm sure your daughter is very beautiful and you should be proud but 15 is quite young and the modelling world is quite fast paced and sometimes you grow up before your time.

I think finishing school is very important and then a career in modelling is wonderful as long as she has something to fall back on. Modelling isn't a lifelong career. You should definitely check the agency with the association of model agents AMA...

Wish you and your daughter all the luck - it can be a fabulous life. Thank you.

holdy30: Where do you learn your beauty tips and tricks - do you pick them up from friends etc or is there a make-up bible which we should all invest in? I seem to be wasting so much money on trial and error products and would love to find the definitive beauty products!

Normandie: Hi, Holdy30, I get most of my makeup tips from trial and error. I am my own scientific experiment which can be disastrous and costly.

I hope to write a beauty bible one day but for now the most definitive beauty products. For me the products I wouldn't live without..are my perfume Annick Goutal - Eau d'Adrien ....Shu Uemura eyelash curlers..Tweazer Man tweazers..Carmex lip balm and my moisturiser NV Perricone face firming activator...and lots of personality!

sarahliddard: Hi. I am 24 and have been suffering from spotty skin over the last six months. I am taking 'skin vitamins' but wonder whether there is anything else you would recommend?

Normandie: Hi, Sarah, spotty skin can be such a nightmare. I would really recommend investing in a dermatologist appointment as they can assess the cause of it and possibly give you an antibiotic and a topical prescription.

The most fabulous at-home fix is Nutreogena's Clear Pore gel which you apply at night and wash off in the morning. It gives great results and, most importantly, don't let your spots get you down because you are much more than just your skin!

Moderator: This next one will be our last question for today...

mickys: I am a Bridesmaid next month and am concerned that my make-up is going to come off during the day - do you have a beauty tip for long-lasting make-up?

Normandie: Hi, Mickys, it's so much fun to be a bridesmaid so I hope you have a great day. Lancome do a very good long lasting foundation.

Nars do a long lasting lip stain. Always remember to use some great foundation powder to set things - Becca make a good one - and go to a make up counter in a department store and have them do your make up for you and keep a little compact mirror in your handbag so you don't have to keep running to loo to check your makeup.

Max Factor do a really good waterproof mascara called AquaLash. Enjoy every minute of the wedding!

Moderator: Wonderful - just one last comment from one of today's chatters...

ajg16: Thank you for your advice Normandie, you are the true essence of beauty from within - as well as on the outside of course!

Normandie: Dear Ajg, what a lovely way to end my chat - you've made my day! Thank you so much for you kind words and I send all my love and positive energy back to you!

Moderator: I'm afraid that's all the time we have for today. Thanks to everyone for joining us and a special thanks to Normandie for taking time out to talk with us today! Normandie, what did you think of your first live chat?

Normandie: I loved it and want to keep going - I want to do many more!

Moderator: We'll take you up on that offer! Thanks again everyone!

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