Naomi 'hit friend in clothes bust-up'


Last updated at 08:24 03 August 2005

Naomi Campbell punched a fellow model after a row about what she was wearing, it has been alleged.

The 35-year-old supermodel, who is renowned for her temper tantrums, is said to have assaulted her friend Yvonne Scio at a five-star hotel suite they were sharing.

Ms Scio, 36, needed hospital treatment for cuts to her face and lip.

Her lawyer Annamaria De Pace claimed Campbell swore at and insulted her friend of 12 years before punching and kicking her.

"It was unbelievable, all over something she was wearing," the lawyer said.

"This was a completely unprovoked attack of violence without any motive at all.

"They have been friends for years - they had even been out shopping before this moment of madness happened."

Italian-American Ms Scio was said to be in bed "in a lot of pain" and "unable to speak properly" last night.

Ms De Pace added: "Yvonne's face is in a terrible way. Her lip was split and she lost a lot of blood.

"As an actress, she will not be able to work for a while and we will also be looking for loss of earnings."

Police in Rome, where the attack was said to have happened, are investigating.

However, Campbell's spokesman issued a strenuous denial last night, referring pointedly to Ms Scio as an 'actress', with the term in quotation marks.

He admitted there was a disagreement but said the supermodel had 'been mistakenly dragged into a potential drama'.

He added: "Naomi told Miss Scio that she was 'very disappointed at her behaviour and that she should go now'.

"She is adamant that she had words with the 'actress' but nothing more than that."

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