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Last updated at 09:37 12 December 2005


OCTOBER 31 - EASY: It's a traditional welcome to the week with an easy puzzle. If you do have any problems, the solutions are below.


OCTOBER 30 - CHALLENGING: It's the toughest puzzle of the week - can you fill in all the blank boxes? If you need the solutions, you will find them at the bottom of the page.


OCTOBER 29 - CHALLENGING: There's no taking it easy at the weekend with Mail online's Sudoku. When you're finished with our puzzle, why not try the Sudoku in today's Daily Mail?


OCTOBER 28 - DIFFICULT: Here's a tough challenge to see out the end of the working week. Tell us which type of puzzle you enjoy most on our reader comments service at the foot of the page.


OCTOBER 27 - DIFFICULT: It's getting close to Halloween, and our puzzles are becoming ever-more nightmare-like. Can you cope with these horrors? Print-and-play now.


OCTOBER 26 - TRICKY: We say it's a tricky puzzle this Wednesday, do you agree? If you need the solutions, you will find them at the foot of the page.


OCTOBER 25 - MODERATE: Apologies for the late arrival of today's puzzle. Normal service will be resumed tomorrow. Solutions at the foot of the page.


OCTOBER 24 - EASY: After Ultimate Week, we thought we would give you a chance to catch your breath. If you need the solutions, you will find them at the foot of the page.



OCTOBER 16 - CHALLENGING: Are you ready for our hardest Sudoku puzzle of the week? Click here to print-and-play - and if you're brave enough, come back tomorrow for our second Ultimate Sudoku week!

OCTOBER 15 - CHALLENGING: Saturday's alright for fighting according to Elton, but it's even better for Sudoku. Today's challenging puzzle should give you something to chew over for your weekend.


OCTOBER 14 - DIFFICULT: There's no easing off on a Friday with our Sudoku challenge. Can you crack our difficult challenge? Solutions below


OCTOBER 13 - DIFFICULT: Test yourself on this wet, grey day (in London anyway) with our difficult puzzle. Solutions below


OCTOBER 12 - TRICKY: The weather might not know what it's doing but we hope you do as we test you with our tricky Sudoku puzzle. If not, the solutions are below.


OCTOBER 11 - MODERATE: Today's puzzle is like the Labour front benches - completely moderate. Can you crack the puzzle? You will find the solutions at the foot of the page.


OCTOBER 10 - EASY: If everything about Mondays were as easy as our Sudoku puzzles, it would be our favourite day of the week. If you need the solutions, they are at the foot of the page.


OCTOBER 9 - CHALLENGING: Put down the Sunday newspapers for 10 minutes and put your mind to our print-and-play Sudoku puzzle. Click below for solutions.

OCTOBER 8 - CHALLENGING: We don't take it easy at weekends on Mail online - we save up our toughest Sudokus to give you an alternative to mowing the lawn or washing the car. Just click here and don't tell your other half...

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