Sainsbury's wins in battle of the puddings


A LUXURY Christmas pudding from Harrods has come out second-best in a taste test - to one from Sainsbury's.

Christmas pudding

Egon Ronay rated the cognaclaced Taste The Difference product the clear winner in a blind sampling of eight stores' top-ofthe-range puddings.

It costs £7.99 for the 2lb version tested by the food critic, who said it 'tastes like a real Christmas pudding. It has a festive taste and real character'.

Next came the Harrods Supreme, at £19.95 for 3lbs. Ronay said it had 'considerably less taste. It is too chunky and has a little bit of unidentifiable aftertaste'.

He did not even attempt to rank the rest, saying they were generally disappointing. 'I think that lack of the character I am looking for is possibly down to the quality of the alcohol and the quantity. There were one or two which could have been improved by putting a little bit more alcohol in.'

In alphabetical order, with his comments, the rest were:

• Asda Extra Special mature Christmas pudding, £5.92 for 2lbs: 'Like a paste - like a thick jam or marmalade.'

• M&S luxury Christmas pudding, £8.99 for 3lbs: 'Sticky and on the sweet side.'

• Morrisons rich fruit Christmas pudding, £2.89 for 1lb 10oz: 'Not a typical Christmas pudding taste. It still hasn't got the character I am looking for.'

• Somerfield luxury Christmas pudding, £4.99 for 2lbs: 'A bit sticky but had a much more Christmassy taste and a festive character.'

• Tesco Finest matured Christmas pudding, £8.49 for 2lbs: 'A fairish taste, yet what makes it on the crude side, amongst other things, are whole pieces of almonds, some of them peeled and some of them unpeeled.'

• Waitrose richly fruited Christmas pudding, £12.99 for 1lb 9oz: 'Another one which had this strange aftertaste they put in. It was also on the solid side.'

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