Fashion brands still won't axe Cocaine Kate

by GORDON RAYNER, Daily Mail

Last updated at 12:19 19 September 2005

Leading fashion companies were under growing pressure to axe Kate Moss last night after further revelations about her cocaine addiction and debauched lifestyle.

Friends described how the model had drug-fuelled lesbian sex with actresses Sadie Frost and Davinia Taylor, as well as three-in-a-bed sessions involving Miss Frost's former husband Jude Law.

She is also alleged to have taken cocaine during a dinner for Nelson Mandela's children's charity, sneaking off from her table next to the former South African president.

One former assistant said she had seen Miss Moss work her way through a 'fist-sized' mound of cocaine with fellow model Naomi Campbell in a single night.

Several of the 31-year-old's most lucrative advertising contracts could now be in jeopardy, with Chanel, Christian Dior, Rimmel and Burberry among those still deciding on her future.

Other companies, including the H&M fashion chain and jewellers H Stern, have attracted criticism for coming out in support of the star, who earns £4million a year.

Anti-drugs campaigners once again urged the brands to dump Miss Moss yesterday because of the influence she has impressionable teenagers. David Raynes, of the National Drug Prevention Alliance, said: "The public will find it very hard to understand why responsible companies who are conscious of their public image carry on supporting Kate Moss despite everything that has emerged this week when she is a role model for young girls."

Lesbian affairs

Miss Moss's depraved sex life was detailed in the News of the World, which claimed her lesbian affairs with Miss Frost, 41, and Hollyoaks star Miss Taylor, 27, began at least three years ago.

On one occasion the three women had sex in a suite in Claridge's hotel after Miss Moss had taken cocaine at a party.

A friend of the model told the newspaper: "It wasn't a one-off. Kate had been to bed with Sadie before and she also slept with Davinia half a dozen times after that.

"There was another occasion when they had a threesome together at Kate's house in London.

"Davinia got married to Dave Gardner (the sports agent who is friendly with David Beckham) in 2003 and she cooled things with Kate after that. But six months ago Kate went to Davinia's home in London and dared her to kiss her while her husband was away.

"They had a drunken kiss but Davinia wouldn't go any further than that because she wouldn't cheat on her husband."

Miss Frost's relationship with Miss Moss was said to have caused friction in her marriage to Mr Law, which ended in divorce earlier this year.

Incredibly, Miss Moss placated Law by inviting him to join them in bed.

A source said: "Jude started to hate it when his wife was alone with Kate. He hated the whole thing and they rowed about it a lot. So they had threesomes - Jude, Kate and Sadie - because he didn't like it when he wasn't involved."

Miss Frost's ill-fated relationship with flamenco dancer Jackson Scott is also said to have suffered. He knew the two women were sleeping together when they were all on holiday in Ibiza earlier this year.

The newspaper revealed that Miss Moss sneaked off to snort cocaine during a dinner for the Nelson Mandela Children's Fund in Barcelona in 2002.

Rebecca White, a personal assistant to Miss Campbell at the time, said: 'Even before the

dinner started, Kate had asked for several hundred pounds worth of cocaine.

"She sneaked off to (take cocaine) all the way through the dinner with Nelson Mandela at the next table. I couldn't believe how disrespectful that was.

"It was meant to be a charity dinner but as far as Kate was concerned it was just another excuse for a drugs-fuelled party."

Miss Moss is nicknamed The Conjurer by her friends, it is claimed, because of her dexterover

ity in taking cocaine. She is also said to take ecstasy and Valium.

Miss White added: "The amount of cocaine she consumed was ridiculous. I would find (Miss Moss and Miss Campbell) together with literally a pile of cocaine as big as a fist on the table.

"And they always wanted to do it all until it was gone. Kate, especially, would never leave anything on the table."

Another source claims that Miss Moss's boyfriend, Babyshambles singer Pete Doherty, takes drugs in front of her two-year-old daughter Lila Grace.

"Kate draws the line at doing coke in front of Lila," the source added. "But Pete has frequently smoked marijuana and snorted cocaine in front of her and the couple have had heated rows about it."

Lila's father, magazine publisher Jefferson Hack, 34, is already said to be considering legal action to gain custody of the child.

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