Are Charlotte and Gavin getting hitched?

Last updated at 17:24 28 October 2005

A bookmakers has slashed its odds on Charlotte Church and Gavin Henson getting married after receiving a string of wagers.

Ladbrokes said it had between 12 and 18 bets - mostly from the Cardiff area - placed on the celebrity couple tying the knot next year. All of the bets were taken in the space of just two hours yesterday morning.

Karl Williams, of Ladbrokes, said some of the wagers were for £100 which forced the company to slash the odds from 5/1 to 3/1.

Mr Williams said: "We took the first call at around 10am and there was a steady stream of inquiries after that - mostly from the Cardiff area.

"We weren't too sure what to make of them at first but we were forced to sit up and take note when the calls kept coming.

"Some people were trying to have several hundred pounds on so we've had to cut the odds on it happening next year.

"For us to get so many calls on one bet in such a short space of time is most unusual. In our business money talks and when people put such a large amount of money on a bet, it is usually with good reason."

He added that Ladbrokes is currently offering odds of 14/1 on the couple getting married on Valentine's Day and 100/1 they say their pre-nuptials under the goalposts of the Millennium Stadium.

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