'Love triangle' victim had 50 stab wounds

Last updated at 15:48 31 August 2005

A man believed to have been killed by his girlfriend's former partner in a jealous rage was found with more than 50 knife wounds to his chest and back, police have revealed.

Dairy worker Craig Bentley, 23, was found by his father Bob Bentley at his home in Ambrosden, Oxfordshire, at 2pm on Monday afternoon.

His girlfriend 23-year-old Becky McGlone, believed to have worked for a children's nursery, was found in a different bedroom and police said she had been strangled.

At a press conference today Detective Chief Inspector Rob Mason said Becky McGlone's former boyfriend Dean Irvine, 41, had been forensically linked to Mr Bentley's home at or close to the time as the murder.

He was found at 11am on Monday morning at his home in nearby Bicester, Oxfordshire by his lodger.

Stab wounds

He had what police believe to be self-inflicted stab wounds to his abdomen and a blister packet of medication with 14 capsules missing was found next to him.

There was also a glass of water nearby that was bloodstained.

Police are now awaiting toxicology reports to find out whether he overdosed or whether he died as a result of his wounds.

Police stressed that the investigation is still in its early stages, but added that they are not looking for anyone else in relation to the deaths.

"At this stage we are confident that all the individuals who have been involved in these tragic events are the people who we have mentioned," said Mr Mason, leading the inquiry.

"At this stage we would not be looking to further our investigations in terms of other suspects."

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