Do you want to be George's gal?

Last updated at 16:17 31 March 2006

With his impressive sexual prowess and bulging bank balance, controversial MP George Galloway says he still has what it takes to bag a wife.

The East London Respect MP, dubbed "Gorgeous" revealed in a magazine interview that he expects to get married again - and describes himself as "still a reasonable catch" with quite a lot of money.

Mr Galloway also told The Oldie magazine, in an interview published today, that he regarded the House of Commons as "a parliament of poodles and pagers" which was not worth being in.

When asked if he expected to get married again, he replied: "Oh yes, why not? I am still younger than the Prime Minister. Up like a broom handle in the mornings. I am still a reasonable catch.

"And I have got quite a lot of money, thanks to the newspapers that falsely alleged that someone else gave me quite a lot of money."

The MP for Bethnal Green and Bow said that not one person had shouted at him or insulted him over his appearance on Big Brother.

During his stay in the house Mr Galloway was a ratings winner with his antics, which included dressing up in a skin-tight leotard to perform a robotic dance with fellow contestant, cross-dressing singer Pete Burns.

He also enjoyed a close relationship with Rula Lenska while in the Big Brother house, at one stage even kneeling in front of her, purring like a cat and pretending to drink from her cupped hands.

He said: "The idea that I am the most hated person in Britain is absurd. People run after me in the street and ask to have their picture taken with me.

"I am not saying that all these people asking for their picture with me have bought my political views. But it's a good start. Nobody since Scargill has been subjected to the kind of press I have, yet I'm popular."

He said he had constantly to sue people.

"I have won at least 20 libel victories - which ought to tell people something. Wouldn't the most investigated figure in Britain have been caught by now if I was guilty?

"If I were dishonest or rich - and I can assure you I am neither - then it would be an established fact by now."

Mr Galloway said he is not a socialite. "You'll never see me at a party. I don't drink or gamble. I have a two-cigar-a-day habit that costs me £8 a day. I spend a lot of time abroad because of my politics, so I have a sun tan. That allows my enemies to paint a false picture of me."

When his poor attendance record at Westminster was pointed out, he retorted: "I don't think the House of Commons is a parliament worth being in. It's a parliament of poodles and pagers, and follow-my-leader politics."

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