Thank Pedro for my sexiness, says Penelope


Last updated at 09:24 31 March 2006

Penelope Cruz told me she has been taking master-classes in the art of being sexy. She said she learned not from her boyfriend, Matthew McConaughey, but from Oscar-winning Spanish film-maker Pedro Almodovar.

"Pedro knows how a woman should move, how she should look — and he knows this from having spent his life watching classic Hollywood movies which had stars such as Bette Davis in All About Eve and Lana Turner in Imitation Of Life and films with Barbara Stanwyck, Claudette Colbert and all the great ladies of the golden era.

"Then there are the European women, like Sophia Loren, and there are many others," said Penelope, whose latest collaboration with Almodovar, a film called Volver, will be screened at the Cannes Film Festival in May.

"I don't have expensive-looking costumes in Volver. I am a working woman who cleans the house, looks after the children and goes out to work and she hasn't got time for make-up and all that stuff, yet she knows how to look sexy and Pedro showed me how," the actress told me.

'Scorching' performance

The film has already opened in Spain and critics there have been raving about the picture and Penelope's scorching performance.

The actress's other films with Almodovar will be part of a retrospective of the director's movies being shown as part of a huge exhibition of his work — including his influences — that opens in Paris next month.

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