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Last updated at 13:28 26 May 2006


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They haven't uttered a word about whether they are a couple. And they have gone to great lengths to avoid being seen off duty together.

With speculation rife that Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn are an item, TV presenter David Letterman could not resist putting the actress on the spot about her love life when he interviewed her on Tuesday night.

Clearly uncomfortable, Letterman made her squirm as he fired questions at her about her relationship with her co-star in The Break Up.

So Miss Aniston adopted a distraction technique.

Wearing fashionable but tiny shorts and high heels, she must have been hoping her shiny exposed legs would provide a decoy.

But Letterman ignored her skimpy outfit and pursued his line of questioning.

He asked the 37-year-old actress: "When you and Vince go out on a date, what do you do?"

Aniston, who had already refused to answer the question of whether she was dating Vaughn, replied: "I have hit a wall, an absolute Dave Wall."

After staying tight-lipped, Letterman tried again to get her to talk - asking her to sort fact from fiction with a list of famous rumours about the pair.

He said: "Let's go through some rumours, first of all that you are Vince are dating. I think that is true and I think you make a terrific couple."

Aniston said: "Let's move on. What's next?" He replied: "Jennifer wants to start a family this year. Nothing wrong with that."

He then listed the next rumour: "Jennifer is moving to Chicago. Nothing wrong with that. It's a great city. I would move there."

She replied: "Great city. I would too and I would also move back to New York City."

The interview came after Vince was forced to answer questions about their romance and Jennifer's nude scene in the movie on the Jay Leno show.

Vaughn told the talk show host: "I didn't necessarily write that scene, but I was the first one on set that day and the last one to leave.

"And being a producer and an artist, I said guys, I know we have done 40 takes but we don't want to walk away from this. Let's keep shooting."

A cheeky Jay asked: "Was that the first time you had seen her naked?"

Vaughn replied, looking slightly embarrassed: "I like where you are coming from. I like the investigative reporting."

The star said he thought the couple had the scene perfect after more than 60 takes.

But he claimed to have only peeked at Aniston "only in character."

He said: "I don't remember how many takes. Maybe 64. No one told me I was going to heaven that day."

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