Something you want to hide, Kate?


Last updated at 08:33 26 May 2006

Even after days of partying she normally looks fantastic.

But Kate Moss emerged from her house yesterday with dishevelled hair, super-sized sunglasses and what looked like a bruised cheek.

The 32-year-old supermodel had just had a house call from her on-off junkie boyfriend Pete Doherty.

His visit came a day after Miss Moss was caught on camera for the first time with new boyfriend, comedian Russell Brand. He is a former heroin-using pal of Babyshambles singer Doherty.

"Her right cheek definitely looked much bigger than the other side," said an onlooker.

"Both under her sunglasses and around her chin looked swollen."

Miss Moss's aides insisted the swollen cheek was "an unfortunate camera angle".

They said Doherty had visited her home to have a shower.

The pair officially split after Doherty refused to follow Miss Moss into rehab but they are still close and he has often spent the night at her North London home.

Miss Moss was filmed taking cocaine in September last year while in a recording studio with Doherty.

As fashion firms queued up to drop her, she made a public apology and entered rehab, encouraging her boyfriend to do the same.

After an extended trip abroad - seemingly to evade the Metropolitan Police who wanted to question her - Miss Moss finally returned home to the London party scene she has almost made her own.

Only in the last few weeks did it seem that she might finally be over Doherty after getting closer to Brand who fronts a show for MTV and a Big Brother spin-off for E4.

Miss Moss and Brand have been almost inseparable since she asked best friend Sadie Frost to introduce them. Earlier this week he was pictured leaving her home.

Miss Moss's career is on the up, with the fashion firms that kept their distance after the cocaine scandal offering her lucrative new contracts.

The mother-of-one has seen her earnings treble.

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