Dunaway shows she's an old hand


Last updated at 10:44 26 May 2006

Sashaying on the Cannes red carpet in an outlandish brown and pink outfit showing off her still svelte figure, Faye Dunaway looks two decades younger than she is.

With barely a line on her face, full eyelids and a taut neck, it is hard to believe that the Bonnie and Clyde actress turned 65 this year.

That is, however, until she moved her hand up to her face to remove a stray hair. Gnarled and veiny with a hint of liver spots, only Miss Dunaway's hand betrays her true age.


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"The difference between her face and her hand is startling," said top plastic surgeon Dr Lucy Glancey last night.

"It think it is obvious that she must have had quite a bit of work on her face.

"She probably would have had her eyelids done first. They have the thinnest skin on the body and are usually the first to show signs of ageing - while her look like she could still be in her 40s.

"I think she has probably had some kind of chemical peel or laser re-surfacing. Even taking into consideration the fact that she is wearing make up, her skin is incredibly smooth.

"And I think she must also have had her neck done as it is very smooth. Unfortunately her age is given away by her hands.

"Veins on our hands become more prominent as we get older as they lose fat while her fingers are quite swollen and I would not be surprised if she had a mild form of arthritis - another sign of her age."

Miss Dunaway is far from the first star whose hands have betrayed a different age from her face and body.

While Madonna may be presently stunning fans with her acrobatics and incredible body on her world tour, her hands show her age of 47.

Jane Fonda, Joan Collins and Joanna Lumley all also have hands which look much older than their faces.

Miss Dunaway was pictured at the Cannes premiere of Sophia Coppola's film Marie Antoinette, which was booed by French critics.

Although she does not appear in the film, she is a Cannes regular and is also thought to be promoting her latest movie The Gene Generation.

Florida-born Miss Dunaway made her name in the iconic film Bonnie and Clyde with Warren Beatty.

That was followed by the popular Thomas Crown Affair and an Oscar for the 1976 film Network.

She has made nearly 90 films but was famously dropped from the Broadway musical Sunset Boulevard in the 1990s.

More recently she guest starred in the CSI television series as well as continuing to make movies.

A mother-of-one, she is twice divorced - from British photographer Terry O'Neill and musician Peter Wolf.

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