Mother's grief over toddler son's pool death

Last updated at 16:12 07 July 2006

A mother has spoken of her anguish after finding her toddler son drowned in a paddling pool.

Two-year-old Jamie Sloan died on Sunday after wandering off into the garden and climbing into the pool.

His mother Sarah Sloan, 37, of South Willesborough, Kent, said: "I wish I hadn't put it up in the first place, but I wanted to put it up for my older children."

Jamie had a twin brother, Dominic, and three older brothers, Oscar, four, Bradley, eight, and Ben, 11.

The twins celebrated their second birthday with a day trip to the beach six days before Jamie's death.

Mrs Sloan said: "We had a teeny weeny pool for Jamie and Dominic. They were always splashing about in it.

"It only takes a split second for an accident to happen.

"My advice to other parents is make sure it's emptied overnight and make sure you know where your children are at all times when it's full up.

"But you can't wrap your kids up in cotton wool.

"I wish I could turn back the clock but you can't, unfortunately."

She said Dominic does not fully comprehend that his brother is gone and is excited by all the visitors to the house. Mrs Sloan said: "He says 'night night' to his picture.

"We thought it would be more difficult when he wakes up because the pair used to sit in their cots talking and throwing toys at each other."

Jamie's funeral will take place on Tuesday. His father John, 36, will carry his coffin into the church.

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