'I dumped my two-year-old for £3 an hour'

By Martin Delgado

Last updated at 09:58 13 August 2006

The Mail on Sunday has located the Polish mother who abandoned her two-year-old daughter at an orphanage to make a new life for herself in Britain.

Two weeks ago we revealed the plight of little Ania Siebielec, who was dumped by mother Sylwia at a state-run orphanage in Wroclaw.

Yet in the three months she has been here, the 32-year-old dressmaker has been reduced to part-time cleaning jobs at £3 an hour. Sylwia, who lives in a £60-a-week rented room in Brentford, West London, said: 'I wanted to come to London because my brothers are here and they said I'd be able to find a job.

'My husband Leszek is in prison (he is serving four years for robbery) but he refused to sign the document allowing me to take Ania out of Poland. So I

went to the children's home and the director said she would take Ania as there was no alternative.'

Jan Mokrzycki, chairman of the Federation Of Poles In Great Britain, said: 'I am shocked that any mother could treat her child in this reprehensible way.'

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