Rower Roz heads back to the high seas

Last updated at 10:58 29 December 2006

A former City high flier who rowed solo across the Atlantic Ocean now plans to conquer the Pacific.

Roz Savage, who quit her job for a life of

adventure, is already in training for the

6,700-mile voyage. If she succeeds, she will

become the first woman to complete a solo

row across the Pacific.

Ms Savage said wants to make the trip to make up for the fact that although she made it solo across the Atlantic last year, she finished last in a race that also featured TV presenter Ben Fogle and Olympic rower James Cracknell.

Roz Savage

"I found it really hard to ignore the fact that there were 25 other crews out there. I was the only solo participant and they were all faster than me," she said.

Ms Savage, 39, will tackle her latest challenge in three stages. She will set off from San Francisco in July and point her 23ft fibreglass craft towards Hawaii, 2,600 miles away. She intends to complete the subsequent stages — from Hawaii to Samoa and then on to the east coast of

Australia — by 2009.

As part of her training regime, she has been sailing off the Mexican coast and will climb Mount Kilimanjaro next month. Ms Savage, from Kew, worked at investment bank UBS but became disillusioned with her materialistic life. She was the only woman to attempt the Atlantic

Rowing Race from the Canary Islands to the Caribbean.

She admitted the crossing was frightening — she ploughed through mountainous seas that snapped her oars.

In March last year she reached the finish

line after 103 days, almost two months behind the winning crews.

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